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Spine Program

Our neurosurgeons specialize in caring for patients with diseases of the spine and peripheral nerves. We provide care for patients with degenerative disease of the spine, spinal deformities, complex spinal tumors, peripheral nerve disorders and Chiari malformation. Our neurosurgeons are also experts in minimally invasive spine surgery which allows us to treat spinal diseases using techniques that require much smaller incisions, less blood loss, and less tissue dissection. These techniques allow patients to have surgery with less morbidity than standard operations.


Degenerative Disease of the Spine

Degenerative disease of the spine is a major cause of morbidity and chronic disability and is the most common reason for visits to neurosurgeons in the U.S. Degenerative disease develops as a normal part of aging. However, in a subset of the population, these changes may lead to significant pain and disability. Pain may originate from bone, joints, ligaments, supporting muscles, nerves or intervertebral discs. Our neurosurgeons are skilled at determining the cause of pain and treating this pain by both surgical and nonsurgical methods.


Spinal Deformities

Spinal deformities can lead to progressive debilitating pain. This can lead to loss of function. Our surgeons are experts in the surgical and nonsurgical care of patients. We focus on providing our patients with the latest options to improve their level of function and their lives. We use a wide range of treatments that are tailored to each patient's needs. Our surgeons focus on the reduction of spinal deformities with preservation of nerves with the overall goals of treatment of pain relief, prevention of paralysis and the restoration of functional capacity.


Spinal Tumors

Our surgeons also specialize in the treatment of spinal tumors, treating both metastatic and primary tumors. We treat tumors that arise from neural structures as well as those affecting the spinal column. In cases where an operation is not the primary treatment, we collaborate with our medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other providers to provide patients with alternative treatment.


Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques are routinely used to treat our patients. These techniques allow patients to be treated effectively using smaller incisions, with less blood loss and shorter hospital stays. Our surgeons employ these techniques to perform a wide range of procedures using minimally invasive techniques, ranging from simple decompressions to more complex fusions.

Chiari Malformation

Chiari malformations are disorders that are characterized by the cerebellum being herniated through the base of the skull. This the herniated cerebellum blocks the pathways of cerebrospinal fluid circulation which can cause a syrinx or cavity to form within the spinal cord. Patients suffering with Chiari malformations can have a wide range of symptoms, ranging from headache to paralysis. Our neurosurgeons are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.

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