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Residency Program Coordinator
Anita Kivell
131 S. Robertson, Suite 1340
New Orleans, LA 70112


Neurology Residency Training
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Resident Benefits, Stipends, and Support Services

Resident Stipends

All Hospitals   

HO-I    $44,168
HO-II    $45,500
HO-III    $47,179
HO-IV    $49,029
HO-V    $50,720
HO-VI    $54,029

Educational Stipends
Residents will receive annual stipends that can be used towards the purchase of educational or training materials approved by the Residency Program’s Director. The Program Director also has the ability to select educational or training supplies for the residents if none are selected.

Sick Leave
A period of sick leave of two weeks is allowed per resident per year. If a resident calls in sick, it is the prerogative of the Program Director to ask for a doctor's excuse from the resident. Each resident/fellow must be aware that each particular specialty allows only a certain amount of absence from training per year. Absence beyond that designated time, be it for vacation or sick leave, will extend their time in training. There can be no accrual of sick leave from one year to the next; i.e., two weeks maximum sick leave are allowed per year.

Parental Leave
Maternity leave will be granted upon request to all pregnant residents. Maternity leave will be leave with pay for a period of up to six weeks. This time represents vacation and sick leave. All or a portion of the six weeks may be requested. Maternity leave greater than six weeks duration, except in cases of illness of mother or infant, will require approval by the Program Director and Chairman and is unfunded. Benefits will be provided during the six weeks of maternity leave. Benefits may be continued beyond six weeks at the resident's expense.


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