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Residency Program Coordinator
Anita Kivell
131 S. Robertson, Suite 1340
New Orleans, LA 70112


Neurology Residency Training
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The Rudolph Matas Library located on the second floor of the Tulane University School of Medicine has an extensive library with over 154,000 holding and over 1,000 medical journals available. It is open seven days a week, and computers with access to electronic medical information are available (by code) at all times.

The Neurology Department has a resident library with general neurology and neurology subspecialty texts and journals, as well as a computer with access to computerized medical information available to residents at all times (with key access). Neuroanatomy tapes are available via the Department of Anatomy. There is also a Neuropathology library available to residents in the medical school. The VA Medical Center has a library with over 2,000 holdings, over 2,000 medical journals and over 200 teaching video cassettes available. Ochsner also has a well-equipped library on-site. Additional information is always possible through interlibrary loan, and through the LSU library.



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