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Residency Program Coordinator
Anita Kivell
131 S. Robertson, Suite 1340
New Orleans, LA 70112


Neurology Residency Training
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Message From the Chairman

The Tulane Neurology Residency Training Program is outstanding in these respects:

  • There is an unmatched quantity and variety of clinical material.
  • The dedicated teaching faculty are always available.
  • The faculty members treat residents as colleagues and are deeply concerned with their education.
  • Uniquely, Tulane offers combined training in Neurology/Medicine and Neurology/Psychiatry.

We are idealistic enough to hope that graduates of our program will not only be well prepared for the practice of clinical neurology, but that many will also contribute new knowledge to the field.

As the practice of all fields of medicine changes rapidly, our Department of Neurology is capable of meeting this challenge to train quality clinical practitioners and academic neurologists. Our training program is adaptable enough to meet the individual needs of our trainees. We welcome the opportunity to develop unique and innovative programs which will benefit our trainees and ultimately our patients.


Roger Kelley, M.D.
Chairman, Neurology

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000