Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology
   Tulane University School of Medicine
   1430 Tulane Avenue, SL-38
   New Orleans, Louisiana 70112-2699
   Telephone: (504) 988-5150


John D. Clements, Ph.D.
Department Chair

- Bacterial Pathogenesis
- Molecular aspects of the host-parasite relationship
- Vaccine Development

Jacob Bitoun, Ph.D.
-Bacterial Pathogenesis

Lucy C. Freytag, Ph.D.
- Host-parasite interactions
- Vaccines against enteropathogens
- Fungal vaccines
- Molecular mechanisms of adjuvanticity

Robert F. Garry, Jr., Ph.D.
- Virology
- Molecular mechanisms of viral pathogenesis

Kerstin Honer zu Bentrup, Ph.D
- Microscopy
- Bacterial Pathogenesis
- Three-dimensional cell-culture systems

Laura S. Levy, Ph.D.

- Molecular Virology
- Molecular mechanisms of retroviral oncogenesis

Louise B. Lawson Ph.D.
-Vaccine and Therapeutic Drug Delivery
-Mucosal Vaccines

James McLachlan, Ph.D
- Bacterial Pathogenesis
- Host-pathogen interactions
- Adaptive immunity to infection
- Role of CD4+ T helper cells during infection and disease

Lisa Morici, Ph.D

- Bacterial Pathogenesis
- Studies of host-pathogen relationship during pulmonary infection
- Vaccine discovery and development against aerosol bacterial agents

Cindy Morris, Ph.D.
- Molecular Virology
- Molecular mechanisms of AIDS pathogenesis and angiogenesis

Elizabeth Norton, Ph.D.

-Mucosal immunity
-Immunologic mechanism of vaccination
-Enhancement of protective immunity with vaccine adjuvants


Ramesh Prabhu, Ph.D.
- Molecular Virology
- Antiviral and Vaccine development

Deborah E. Sullivan, Ph.D.

- Molecular mechanisms of pulmonary fibrogenesis

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