Basic Science Research


Bruce Bunnell

Bruce Bunnell, PhD
Director of the Tulane Center for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine
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Donald Gaver

Donald P. Gaver III, PhD
Research focus: biofluid mechanics with specific interest in interfacial flows and surfactant transport related to the lung
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Photo April2014 Jayawick

Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah, PhD
Research focus: synthetic organic chemistry, protein-ligand interactions, DNA synthesis and structure-switching phenomena
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Philip Kadowitz

Philip J. Kadowitz, PhD
Highly Cited Researcher
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Deepak Kaushal, PhD

Research focus: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infections
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Thomas P. Kennedy, MD

Research focus: occupational lung diseases; most recently, translational development of low anticoagulant analogs of the biologically derived anticoagulant heparin.

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Marcello Kuroda headshot


Marcelo Kuroda, MD, PhD
Research focus: HIV/AIDS biology and immunology, using the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) rhesus macaque nonhuman primate model
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Joseph Lasky

Joseph A. Lasky, MD
Primary research interest involve basic and clinical aspects of pulmonary fibrosis
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Michael L. McCaskill, PhD, MPH

Research focus: genetic, environmental, dietary mediators of essential vitamin dysmetabolism in the pulmonary system;  xenobiotic-mediated pulmonary anti-microbial peptide reductions and CYPp450 activity as biomarkers of compromised respiratory health.
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Charles Miller

Charles A. Miller III, PhD
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences
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Anil Mishra, PhD

Research focus:deciphering the mechanisms of inflammation, primarily based on discoveries concerning innate immunity

Gilbert Morris

Gilbert Morris, PhD

Associate Professor 

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Roy Rando

Roy Rando, PhD   


Global Environmental Health Sciences

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Photo April2014 Roy

Chad J Roy,  PhD, MSPH

Research focus: respiratory health and aerobiology of airborne infectious diseases
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Cecilia Sanchez PhD_5

Ceclia G. Sanchez, PhD   

Research focus: roles of sirtuins, autophagy and epigenetics in lung diseases   
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Deborah Sullivan

Deborah E. Sullivan, PhD
Research focus: pathobiology of human herpesviruses and stem cell biology

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Photo April2014 Svendsen

Erik Svendsen, PhD, MS 

Research focus: environmental and occupational lung disease
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He Wang

He Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences

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