N. Kevin Krane, MD, FACP

N. Kevin Krane, MD, FACP

Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor of Medicine

Selected Publications

Krane NK, Hamrahian M. Core Curriculum: Pregnancy – Kidney Diseases and Hypertension. Am J Kidney Dis, 49:336-345, 2007.

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Krane NK, Dicarlo RP, Kahn MJ. Medical Education in Post-Katrina New Orleans: A Story of Survival and Renewal. JAMA. 298:1052-1055, 2007.

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Crawford BE, Kahn MJ, Gibson JW, Daniel AJ, Krane NK. Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Medical Student Academic Performance: The Tulane Experience. Am J Med Sci, 336:142-146, 2008.

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Zhang R, Paramesh A, Florman S, Yau CL, Balamuthusamy S, Krane NK, Slakey D. Long-Term Outcome of Adults Transplanted with Single Pediatric Kidneys. How Young Is Too Young? Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 4:1500-1506, 2009.

Hatem CJ, Searle NS, Gunderman R, Krane NK, Perkowski L, Schutze GE, Steinert Y. The Educational Attributes and Responsibilities of Effective Medical Educators. Acad Med 86:474-480, 2011.

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