Myra A. Kleinpeter, MD, MPH

Myra Kleinpeter, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Selected Publications

Kleinpeter MA. Unintended Healthcare Consequences of Hurricane Katrina, J Natl Med Assn. 2006;98(7):1204-1206.

Ferdinand KC and Kleinpeter MA. Management of Hypertension and Dyslipidemia. Current Hypertension Reports, 2006;8:489-496.

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Kleinpeter MA. The Massachusetts Health Insurance Law: Providing Health Insurance to All. J Nat Med Assoc, 2006;98 (11):1867-181873.

Kleinpeter MA. ESRD Utilization in Hurricane Prone Areas: Should Nephrologists Increase the Utilization of Peritoneal Dialysis? Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease, 2007;14:100-104.

Kleinpeter MA. Public Health Preparedness for Diverse Populations and Communities. J Nat Med Assoc. 2007;99(4):447-448.

Kleinpeter MA. Remembering the Patient when Rebuilding the Charity Hospital System. J Nat Med Assoc. 2007;99(8):951-952.

Kleinpeter MA Population Shift of Dialysis Patients Due to Natural Disasters. Hemodialysis International. 2007;11:S33-S37.

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Kleinpeter MA, Duval L, Hedrick N and S Woodruff. An Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) Functionality Quality Improvement Tracking Tool – Developed and Implement to Improve Newly Placed AVF Utilization Rates and Patient Outcomes. Nehprol Nurs J 2010;37(6):655-662)

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