Clinical Care

Tulane University HospitalTulane University Hospital

The Tulane University Hospital Nephrology Rotation is a consultation service. Patients included on the service are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients from the dialysis units, consults from the Transplant Team (after 1 year of transplant), and other services. Lakeside Hospital is considered an extension of Tulane Hospital where obstetric cases are seen. The Tulane Nephrology Services covers the entire spectrum of renal inpatient practice.

Transplant Service at Tulane

The Transplant Service (Tulane University Hospital) is structured to care for a spectrum of renal transplantation and combined kidney-pancreas transplantation. The patient population is varied, as the service attracts patients from South Louisiana and Mississippi. The fellow is exposed to pre-transplant workup in the clinic and learns the basics of typing and cross matching. The fellow also performs renal biopsies when indicated. Fellows follow transplant patients following transplantation and learn to manage patient issues, such as rejection.

Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans

The University Hospital and Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans (Charity Hospital/MCLNO) has a patient population that is primarily, though not exclusively, indigent. As most of the series trauma cases in New Orleans are taken to Charity Hospital, the nephrology service provides opportunity for fellows to participate in the care of complicated surgical cases. MCLNO also has acute dialysis facilities.

Veteran Affairs Medical Center

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center is currently a virtual hospital within Tulane Hospital, pending completion of its new facilities. Clinical coverage duties include inpatient dialysis and nephrology consults for veterans. Fellows also attend a half-day chronic kidney disease clinic administered by the VA on Tuesdays. The New Orleans VA also serves as a tertiary referral for nephrology problems from surrounding VA hospitals that do not perform biopsies or offer dialysis facilities. The goal of the rotation is to train the fellow in the nephrology consultative practice in a government setting.


Oschner HospitalOchsner is a busy general nephrology consult rotation with an average of about 20 patients split between the LSU and Tulane fellows. The rotation spans the gamut of kidney and electrolyte problems, including dialysis. The attendings are private practitioners. The goal is to train the fellow in consultative practice in the private sector.

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