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Outpatient Practice:

Internal Medicine Practice

Phone: (504)-988-1001
Facsimile: (504)-988-1005

Uptown Square Clinic
Phone: (504)-988-9000
Facsimile: (504)-988-9099

Metairie Clinic
Phone: (504)-988-8050
Facsimile: (504)-988-8051

Ruth U. Fertel Tulane Community Health Center
Phone: (504)-609-3500
Facsimile: (504)-609-3591

Mailing Address
Section of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
1430 Tulane Avenue, SL-16
New Orleans, LA 70112

Referring Physician

Academic Office
phone: (504)-988-7518
Facsimile: (504)-988-8252

Clinical Care

The faculty of the Section of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics are dedicated to providing high quality patient health care through several clinical programs and locations.

The Internal Medicine Practice

The Internal Medicine Practice under Medical Director, Dr. Tim Harlan, is the Section’s primary ambulatory patient care clinic. Located on the seventh floor of Tulane University Hospital and Clinic at 1430 Tulane Avenue, this newly renovated clinic space provides large patient examination rooms and an innovative electronic health record system. The Internal Medicine Practice group consists of four academic internists: Dr. Dominique Anwar, Lisa Craft NP, Dr. Jan Cooper, and Dr. Tim Harlan. In 2010, there were approximately 6,000 patient visits to the clinic.

Medicine-Pediatrics Clinic

The Medicine-Pediatrics Clinic under Medical Director, Dr. Princess Dennar, is an ambulatory patient care clinic located on the 1st floor of Tulane University Multi-Specialty Clinic at 275 LaSalle Street. Section faculty from the Medicine and Pediatrics departments provide patient care and resident education for this diverse patient population.  

Tulane University Community Health Centers

The Ruth U. Fertel Community Health Center is led by Executive Medical Director, Dr. Eboni Price-Haywood and provides high-quality, accessible, and community-centric care to residents of the New Orleans area. Section faculty provide patient care and educate primary care and categorical residents in continuity clinics. Section faculty provide a key role in educating our residents in internal medicine within the ambulatory setting but on development of quality improvement initiatives in the clinic setting and clinic teamwork. 

In March 2013 the Ruth U. Fertel/Tulane Community Health Center joined Access Health Louisiana (AHL), the state’s largest nonprofit network of federally qualified community health centers.

Medical Center of Louisiana-New Orleans Medicine (Lord and Taylor) Clinic

The MCLNO Medicine (Lord and Taylor) Clinic, located at 1400 Poydras Street, is a primary site for Section Faculty to care for a vulnerable and diverse patient population as well as provide resident education in an ambulatory clinic setting. Section faculty from Tulane collaborate with our academic partners at LSU to provide efficient and high-quality healthcare.  The MCLNO Medicine clinic has had over 5,000 patient visits in 2011. Dr. Princess Dennar is the Medical Director for the MCLNO Medicine Clinic.

Lakeside Hospital Clinic-Metairie

The Tulane Internal Medicine Clinic at Lakeside Hospital located in Metairie provides ambulatory care in a suburban location but with tertiary referral resources.  Dr. Rachana Sus and Dr. Tracy Conrad see patients at the Lakeside location. The clinic is located next to Lakeside Hospital at 4700 South I-10 Service Road West in Metairie.  

Uptown Square Clinic

The Tulane Internal Medicine physicians that provide care at the Uptown Square Clinic location include Dr. Blackwell Evans and Dr. Tracy Cummings. The clinic is located at 200 Broadway Avenue.

1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5187