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Family & Community Medicine
1430 Tulane Avenue #8033
New Orleans, LA 70112-2699

Phone (504)988-4700

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Links for Clinical Faculty

Family Medicine is Certainly Never Dull - A letter from a Tulane Medical School graduate and practicing Family Physician describing a typical day in the office.

Family Physicians: email to share your similar experiences, impressions of Family Practice, and responses to this letter. Tell us whether or not we can post them on the internet.

Maps of Tulane Hospital and Clinic and Surrounding area

Tulane Medical Library

For the office based teacher of Family Medicine - A feature provided by the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine to provide office-based teachers with useful knowledge in a readable, enjoyable format.

Center for Continuing Education - Tulane Medical Center - The mission of the Center for Continuing Education is to plan, develop, present, and evaluate continuing health education. Activities focus on the practicing health professions with improvement of health care as the ultimate goal.


Family & Community Medicine, 1430 Tulane Ave #8033, New Orleans, LA 70112 / (504)988-4700