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New course offering

NEW COURSE OFFERING – GBCH-6110/SCEN-4110 BASIC MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is offering a new course entitled Basic Medical Biochemistry for spring 2014. Offered and taught at the School of Medicine the course is available to pre-med undergraduate students wanting to better prepare themselves for a successful first-year in medical school, and to graduate students seeking an understanding of medical biochemistry. Learn more.


New publication from Hua Lu

Congratulations to Dr. Hua Lu and members of his lab, who authored their new paper, "Methylselenol prodrug enhances MDV3100 efficacy for treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer", E-published in May and in print in the November 2013 issue of Int. J Cancer 133(9), 2225-33.


A special welcome to our 2013-2014 Masters Students

Masters 2013-14On Wednesday, August 21st, the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology welcomed nine new and two returning Master's program students.  An orientation was held, followed by a luncheon and other activities of interest to the students, many of whom come from across the U.S.  

In the photo (L-R, top row):   Brent Williams, Rohan Kulkarni, Tyler Gilmore, Stephanie Wagstaff, Anne Yang, Christopher Marler, Tyler Crossley and Raven Johnson.  (L-R, bottom row) Nicele Catherine Arana, Madushani Wijetunge  and Elizabeth Terry.




New publication from David Franklin

Congratulations to Dr. David Franklin, one of the authors of the new article, “Teaching Biochemistry to Students of Medicine, Pharmacy & Dentistry”, published in Med Sci Educ 2013; 23(3): 245-250.


New publication from Arthur Lustig

Congratulations to Dr. Arthur Lustig, co-author with Antonella Sgura, regarding their paper entitled “A new era of allele-specific diagnostics?”, published in Frontiers in Genetics, July 2013.


NIH award to Heather Machado

Congratulations to Dr. Heather Machado, who received an NIH award for her application,  “C/EBPb Modulates Macrophages and Tumor-Initiating Cells During Preneoplastic Progression”.



Oliver Fund Scholar awarded to William Wimley

Congratulations to Dr. William Wimley, who has been named the 2012-2013 Oliver Fund Scholar to develop novel treatment alternatives using peptides for the global epidemic of drug-resistant bacterial infections.



Pilot Program awarded to two Faculty Members

Congratulations to Drs. Arthur Lustig and Zachary Pursell, who were selected to received funds from the Medical Research Pilot Program.  Their Application was among 41 submissions, most of which were judged to e very high quality.



Former Biochemistry Chair part of Women's History Month Celebration

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day the Smithsonian Institution Archives is highlighting women in science photographs. Included in the display is Tulane's pioneering biochemist Willey Glover Denis (1879-1929). Dr. Denis studied at Sophie Newcomb College (Tulane University), and received a Ph.D. from University of Chicago in 1907; after research which included a productive scientific collaboration with Ann Stone Minot (1894-1980), Denis returned to her hometown as a professor at Tulane University in 1920. She was named the first chair of the Tulane Department of Biochemistry (now the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).  To see more, click here.



Bridge Funding award to Diane Blake

Congratulations to Dr. Diane Blake for receiving a Bridge Funding Award during the Office of Research Bridge Funding Competition.



Board of Regents Funding awarded to William Wimley

Congratulations to Dr. William Wimley for being awarded a pilot grant fund from the Louisiana Board of Regents entitled “Identification of pore-forming peptides by high-throughput screening in living cells”, January-December 2013.



Heather Machado to join Faculty in April 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Heather L. Machado, currently with Baylor College of Medicine, who will join our Department as an Assistant Professor in April 2013.


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