T2 Electives


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Family & Community Medicine

Health Care Policy and Reform

The course will focus on the necessity and content of health care reform--including its current status and future implications for both physicians and patients--by examining:
1. The evolution of health care provision and payment in the US
2. Questions regarding cost, quality improvement, and government programs
3. The Affordable Care Act
4. Health care systems both locally and internationally

Dr. Richard Culbertson, Course Director (

Contact Person: Keanan McGonigle
Phone: 757-927-2250

Grading Policy: Pass/Fail only.  Attendance of all sessions.  Can miss one session, but must complete a make-up assignment.
Enrollment: Elective is open to T1s and T2s. Maximum 50 students; minimum 1 student.
Time of course: Time to be individually arranged
Sessions Offered: 1 and 2


Geriatrics: A Longitudinal Experience

Not offered Fall 2016

Students will be assigned one or two geriatric patients (in a long term facility or assisted living facility, or home-bound) and will see each patient monthly. The group will meet together periodically to discuss issues related to care of the elderly.

Contact Person: Adam Peltz
Phone:  (504) 988-4705
Fax:  (504) 988-4701
Grading Policy:  Pass/Fail only
Enrollment: Elective is open to T1s and T2s. Maximum 4 students; minimum 1 student.  Enrollment completed only after meeting with Dr. Lombard to discuss.
Time of course: Group meets at varying times which may include Tuesdays, Thursdays, or possibly Friday afternoons. Students should commit to following the patients for one year.
Prerequisite: Interest!

CHSC 665 Nutrition for Health Professionals

Not offered Spring 2016

Totally redesigned to be the one course on nutrition that medical students need to have. Combines basic nutrition science (the basic nutrients, their food sources, function and metabolism in the human body), nutritional health promotion (role of nutrition in preventing chronic disease), and medical diet therapy (dietary management of patients with chronic disease).

Dr. Rose/Dr. Inserra, Course Directors
Phone:  (504) 988-5742
Fax:  (504) 988-3540
Enrollment:  T1s and T2s - Offered Sessions 3 and 4 (must take both sessions for full course content). REQUIRES A MINIMUM OF STUDENTS ENROLLED TO BE OFFERED.

Pre-clinical Summer Primary Care Elective

Pre-clinical students may apply to participate in a 4 week primary care preceptorship program during the summer following their T1 year. Preceptorships are arranged with practitioners, group practices, or clinics in the disciplines of Family Practice, General Internal Medicine, General Pediatrics, or OB/GYN that provide primary care in rural or medical disadvantaged areas through out Louisiana. As this is an early clinical experience during the basic science years of medical education, the approach to this preceptorship has been characterized by some as an 'observer-ship' reflecting the limited ability of the early trainee to participate in independent patient care. However, the preceptorship provides a rich opportunity for early development of clinical skills and application of basic science knowledge.

This program is offered in conjunction with Louisiana's Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), and LSU Health Science Centers in New Orleans and Shreveport. Students who are Louisiana residents will receive per diem reimbursement from La AHEC to defray student expenses. Non-Louisiana students may be eligible for reimbursement based on availability on funds. Applications will be available through the Department of Family and Community Medicine in December or January of each year. Interviews will then be conducted with notification of acceptance in March. Preceptorships take place during June and July.

Because of the program's popularity, interested students meeting participation criteria should inquire and apply early. Specific location and specialty preferences will be honored by AHEC when possible. Students must be prepared to relocate for the duration of their participation. Housing arrangements vary by site but are arranged through AHEC.

Coordinator:         Lisa Dougherty (
Phone:  (504) 988-4700
Fax:  (504) 988-4701
Enrollment:  Rising T2s by application (numbers accepted vary based on funding and number of applications received). Session: four weeks during the summer between T1 and T2 years.

Family Medicine Elective

Not offered Fall 2016

The Department of Family and Community Medicine will work with interested preclinical students on a one-on-one basis to arrange individualized clinical experiences with an area Family Physician, approximately one afternoon per week. The purpose of this experience is to expose students to the practice of office-based primary care early in their training. Students will be expected to make a commitment to regular participation with their preceptor, and will be encouraged to arrange participation in weekend and after hours call experience, based on student and preceptor availability.

Victoria Valencia, M.D., Course Director
Contact Person: Adam Peltz
Phone: ( 504) 988-4705
Fax:  (504) 988-4701
Enrollment: Students:  T1 or T2. Session: 1 afternoon per week, based on student and preceptor availability. Available all year.  Enrollment completed only after meeting with Dr. Valencia or other FCM faculty to discuss.

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