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Culinary Medicine in the Clinical Practice

Course Overview

The T1/T2 course will teach basic culinary skills including fundamental dietary and nutrition knowledge. There is a total of eight (8) 3-hour cooking classes.  Lessons will be keyed to both the basic science curriculum (biochemistry, physiology, etc.) while linking concepts learned to the practical clinical skills needed for the patient physician discussion about the importance of dietary and lifestyle change.

Students will be expected to watch a 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentation and take a short quiz prior to coming to class. Class time is spent doing 2 hours of hands on cooking, tasting, and dialogue tied with case studies and questions relevant to the lessons. Students are expected to take all 8 lessons during the spring or fall of the first or second year. By signing up for this elective, you are committing to taking all 8 classes and doing all coursework.

All 8 classes will be offered in spring and fall and open to first and second year medical students.

Course Goals and Objectives

Contact Information

Course Directors:  Timothy Harlan ( and Leah Sarris (
Phone:  (504) 988-9108

Registration: Please email Leah Sarris ( to register for this elective

Grading Policy: 

Students will receive either pass or fail.

Enrollment:  minimum 4 students, maximum 8 students per group.

Time of course:

Fall 2015 Schedule:

Group A (Wednesdays 1-4:00pm)
Lesson 1- September 30
Lesson 2- October 7
Lesson 3- October 14
Lesson 4- October 21
Lesson 5- October 28
Lesson 6- November 4
Lesson 7- November 11
Lesson 8- November 18

Dates may change based off of schedule changes


1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5331