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Note Re: Permission Of Instructors:  Whenever this is specified, obtain the instructor's permission beforej0422742 your registration day for Selectives.  The instructor's permission does not constitute registration, for it is still necessary to sign-up for the course in the Office of Student Affairs during your appointment for scheduling. Please note that, while International Visiting Students are welcome to take Psychiatry Electives, the Neurology Electives are unavailable. 

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

This elective will be primarily clinically oriented. During the elective in Child Psychiatry, medical students typically spend time at different sites or they may choose to focus on one particular experience.

The student will have the opportunity to participate in the following activities of the Division of Child Psychiatry:

  1. Child & Adolescent inpatient treatment, Southeast Louisiana State Hospital (SELSH)
  2. Infant Team – outpatient treatment of children 1-6 years of age and their biological or foster families.
  3. Consult/Liaison to Tulane Pediatrics and School-based medical clinics.
  4. Outpatient evaluations at DePaul-Tulane and at East Jefferson Mental Health Center.
Students are exposed to various models of providing child psychiatric care.  They also attend Child Psychiatry didactics one day each week and work with the Child Psychiatry Residents and Faculty.  The student is able to select a curriculum of varied clinical sites for a broad exposure to psychiatry or may choose a more intense focused experience. Students will also attend clinical case conferences, teaching conferences and seminars. No final exam. No call.

Instructors: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Faculty & Residents
: 2 students (exceptions may be made in special circumstances)
: 1 month
: Completion of 3rd year Psychiatry Clerkship and permission of department

Medicine Psychiatry Elective (MDPY MPE TMC)

A broad range of clinical experience is possible, including inpatient medicine, inpatient psychiatry, and med/psych clinics under the supervision of the director.  The student will have first hand experience in management of patients who present with both medical and psychiatric disorders.


  1. Increase awareness of psychiatric issues in medical patients,
  2. Gain knowledge and experience treating psychiatric disorders and medical illness simultaneously,
  3. Gain exposure to Tulane combined med/psych residency program.

Instructor:  L. Lee Tynes, MD, Ph.D.
Quota: Variable
Duration: 1 month
Time Offered: Any Month
Prerequisite: Completion of third year psychiatry and medicine clerkships and permission of the director.
Method of Evaluating Student's Performance:  Observation of clinical attributes and effectiveness.


Tulane Triple Board Rotation (MDPY TUL TBR)

This rotation is intended to provide an introduction to the practice of pediatrics and child psychiatry with attention to the ways these two specialties overlap.  Clinical rotations will include 2 weeks in pediatrics and 2 weeks in child psychiatry settings.  During pediatrics, students will see primary care pediatric outpatients in a mobile medical unit serving families in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.  j0422155They will also have the opportunity to participate in a health education program as part of the mobile medical program as well as round with current triple boarders on inpatient units.  During the child psychiatry portion, students will work with child psychiatry faculty in school settings, on a mobile medical unit serving families at FEMA service sites and other community service agencies.  Students will also attend school based clinics with a child psychiatrist.  Other clinical experiences may include rural or urban infant/early childhood mental health clinic, telemedicine, inpatient child psychiatry consultation, and a mental health program for very young children in foster care.  The students will also have weekly meetings with triple board faculty to integrate the pediatrics and child psychiatry experiences.   Students will attend didactics in pediatrics and child psychiatry and will attend the weekly Triple Board Clinic staffed by pediatric and triple board attendings.
Learning objectives:

  1. Gain experience with the components of a primary care health maintenance visit for children living in high-risk conditions.
  2. Gain experience with a child psychiatry history and mental status examination for children living in high-risk conditions.
  3. Become aware of the areas in which medical health, mental health, and environmental stressors interact to impact children's health and development.

Faculty/Instructors:  Jaya Aysola MD, N Boris MD, C Campion MD, S Drury MD PhD, M. Feibelman MD, J. Henshke MD,  MM Gleason MD,  C. Many MD, Alina Olteanu, MD PhD , P. Zeanah MSN PhD
Quota: 1 student
Duration: 1 calendar month
Prerequisite: Permission of department

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