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Course Overview

The neurology clerkship is designed to provide students with basic skills in diagnosis and treatment applicable to patients across all specialties, particularly those in primary care practices. Students are assigned to a variety of in-patient and out-patient experiences. 

Hospital Sites: TUHC, University, Ochsner, TU Clinic and VA Clinic, Culicchia Neurological Group, Advanced Neurological Center (ANC), Individual Faculty, Neurology, and Out-of-region

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Goals and Objectives

  • To perform a neurological exam on conscious and unresponsive patients.
  • To learn indications for ordering neuro-diagnostic studies.
  • To learn core neurological symptoms and illness.
  • To learn therapeutic medications and procedures.


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Contact Information

Clerkship Director: Jeffery Nicholl, MD

Clerkship Coordinator: Melinda Hoehn
Office Address: Tidewater BLDG, Room 1056
Office Phone: (504) 988-5406
Office Fax: (504) 988-9880

Administrative Assistant: Zenobia Colon
Office Address: Tidewater BLDG, Room 1053
Office Phone: (504) 988-3888

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