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Welcome to the Internal Medicine Clerkship! Be prepared to learn more about being a physician than at any other time during medical school. The next eight weeks will be both physically and mentally challenging, but you will reap the rewards of your hard work with vast gains of insight and knowledge. You will witness amazing pathology and help treat the most complicated and challenging patients. You will be at the bedside everyday examining, listening to, and healing patients. You will work with us do great things for the people of New Orleans. You will learn from Tulane's best residents and teaching faculty. You will learn how to think like a physician and solve medical mysteries. More than ever, you will come to understand the sick condition and the limits of healthcare. You will understand the true value of caring for your patients, even when there is no treatment to make them better. There will be long days and long nights, but you will discover stamina you never thought you had. Make the most of these next eight weeks and immerse yourself fully into the world of Internal Medicine and our patients. I assure you that you will get back your investment of time and energy tenfold. We are grateful to have you help us in our mission to serve the people of this great city. Get ready for an intense, but meaningful experience. I look forward to meeting you on the first day of the block!

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