Educational Materials

Below you will find a picture as well as a description of all of our educational materials. You may click on the picture to get to a larger view.


Tulane Center for C-V Health is in the Tulane School of Public Health. The program that embraces Preventive Cardiology also involves the Section of Cardiology in the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics in the School of Medicine. Population or Public Health and High Risk Prevention Strategies are subjects of major interest.


Protocols for Family Health Promotion are in two volumes. These involve 10-12 weekly training sessions by a multidisciplinary team – Cardiology, Nurse Specialist, Nutritionist, Physical Educator and Psychologist. All family members, parents and children with high risk have complete risk factor profile. The first volume includes letters to family for participation, behavioral methods while the second volume has different motivation modules, purchasing food, menu planning, etc.


A book prepared by investigators and educators – psychologists, health educators, nutritionists and cardiologists – that can serve as a guide for introduction of health education into elementary schools.


Curriculum guides for each grade, K-6. Five components are addressed: 1) general health, 2) nutrition, 3) physical activity, 4) coping skills and 5) “It’s Me”, that encourages self esteem and teaches children respect for their bodies, for peers, etc. Each component has lesson plans with goals and activities for participation and integration into other subject matter.


Brochure that briefly describes the elementary school program, Health Ahead/Heart Smart.


Introductory packet which includes the rationale of teaching health education in schools. The “Scope and Sequence” of the curriculum is shown.


“Getting There” is an overview included in each teachers' guide and lesson plan. This how-to description of the program provides reasons for teachers to include health education, as well as national standards for the curriculum and brief questions available for teachers.


School lunch manual briefly describes guides for food purchasing, menu planning.


Menu box with approximately 75 non-competitive exercises for P.E. classes or for classroom teachers to use. Activities for Superkids-Superfit teaching exercise as a lifestyle for fun.


Picture of all materials developed including aprons for cafeteria workers, newsletters for parents.

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