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Tulane University School of Medicine
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Tulane University School of Medicine
Office of Academic Affairs
1430 Tulane Avenue #8020
New Orleans, LA 70112
Guidelines for Requesting Emeritus Status
  • The candidate should hold the rank of Professor (or Associate Professor) on either the full-time or part-time faculty. Exceptions to this should be considered only under unusual circumstances to be critically evaluated by the Personnel and Honors Committee.

  • The candidate should have made a significant contribution in two or more categories listed below, throughout his/her tenure at Tulane:
    • research,
    • administration,
    • teaching
    • clinical/community service
  • The candidate should provide an updated curriculum vitae
  • Recommendation for promotion should be by the Departmental Promotions and Tenure Committee with the approval of the Department Chair. Supporting documentation should be submitted stating the particular contributions of the candidate.

Approved by the Personnel and Honors Committee, January 25, 1999
Approved by the Executive Faculty, February 2, 1999


1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-6191