Global Programs

In a world of increasing global interconnectedness, social workers in the USA and abroad witness every day the impact of world affairs on diverse clients and communities. The Tulane School of Social Work offers the Global Social Work Certificate as an opportunity for you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to effect change from a local to global scale.

As a participant in the Global Social Work Certificate Program, you will be encouraged to explore your global interests in and out of the classroom. From the needs of immigrants and refugees to post-conflict and natural disaster situations, you may pursue a range of topics critical to our global profession. In addition, you will have course content which includes the following:

  • Theories underlying international social work practice;
  • The role and impact of globalization; 
  • International policies, frameworks and institutions;
  • Global, human rights, ecological and social development perspectives and approaches;
  • The impact of culture, societal values, and power structures on vulnerable populations in an international context;
  • The skills needed to address injustice and effectively work within the nonprofit, development and humanitarian aid sectors.

Along with coursework with a global focus, the Global Social Work Certificate program provides you with the opportunity to apply what is learned in the program in local, national, and/or international settings. The Tulane School of Social Work has partnerships with local agencies, foreign universities, and international non-governmental organizations for field placements, student and faculty exchanges, training programs, and cross-national research. While the list continues to grow, these collaborative relationships include sites in Africa, India, Latin America, the Middle East, and across the USA..

For more information about Global Programs:

To learn more about the Global Social Work Certificate, contact the Office of Global Programs at (504) 862-3472 or at


Office of Global Programs

The Office of Global Program is an important part of the Tulane School of Social Work and serves a specific purpose within the School. The Office of Global Programs has one full-time Director and one part-time assistant. The office is an administrative entity which:

  1. Coordinates research, collaboration, and partnership agreements with agencies, universities, and organizations within and outside of the United States in the interests of multinational issues and affairs.
  2. Manages logistics and oversight regarding visits from International students and researchers to Tulane School of Social Work.
  3. Coordinates international field placements for Global Social Work students, including: selecting field sites, creating and maintaining agreements, securing in-country supervision, and ensuring quality field learning.
  4. Coordinates the Global Social Work Certificate Program by managing student files, ensuring students meeting learning goals, working with students in preparation for overseas travel, and mentoring the creation of certificate portfolios for the completion of the Global Social Work certificate program.
  5. Coordinates the International Program Committee.

The Global Programs Committee is a working, directive entity which:

  1. Is the directive body for Global Program interests, activities, and mission
  2. Supports the activities of the International Program Director and staff
  3. Creates coursework relevant to the Global Social Work Certificate Program
  4. Works to incorporate global perspectives into Tulane School of Social Work research, teaching, and programming
  5. Assists with international field site supervision and placement for Global Social Work certificate student