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Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship at Tulane University

Minor in Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship

Students wishing to declare the SISE Minor can get their minor declaration signed by Allison Schiller or Josh Schoop at Flower Hall (Building #13) on Thursday from 12:30-1:30 pm or Friday from 9-11 am.  Students interested in learning more should contact Allison Schiller at

Building upon Tulane University's strengths in civic engagement and service learning, the interdisciplinary social innovation and social entrepreneurship (SISE) minor will prepare students to use solutions-oriented thinking, integrate theory and practice, generate and support stimulating research across fields, & better understand and create new models of social change. Tulane recognizes that well-informed, motivated, and connected citizens are the real agents that create change, and the time and place to cultivate these changemakers is during their university studies. SISE will enable students to explore how they can be changemakers in whatever career path they choose, be it working for a nonprofit, a corporation, in academia, or starting their own venture. Learn more about our Professors in Social Entrepreneurship.

Requirements include:

  • SISE 2010: Introduction to Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
  • SISE 2020: Introduction to Business for Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
  • SISE 3010: Design Thinking for Collective Impact
  • SISE 4020: Leadership for Collective Impact
  • SISE 4050: Senior Seminar
  • 1 SISE-Approved Elective taken, together with, SISE 4050

The SISE Committee updated the SISE Minor Requirements on March 14, 2014. Students that declared the Minor prior to March 14, 2014 are allowed to graduate with the Original Requirements (PDF) or with the New Requirements (below). View the letter describing changes to the SISE Minor Requirements here.
Pre-requisites, concurrent enrollment, and course substitutes:

  • Students are required to take ECON 1010 before pursuing SISE 2020
  • Students may enroll in ECON 1010 and SISE 2010 concurrently
  • Students that complete a business major or minor are exempt from SISE 2020
  • Students that complete an architecture major or minor are exempt from SISE 3010

Important Notes on SISE Courses

  • SISE 2010 must be taken before registering for any upper-level courses
  • SISE 2010 includes a mandatory 20 hour service-learning component, regardless if students have completed their Tulane service-learning requirement. 
  • SISE 2020, 3010 and 4020 can be taken in any order but we recommend course completion in this order
  • The Final SISE approved electives should be taken at the same time as the one credit Senior Seminar

Please note: SISE courses do not fulfill any departmental electives.


The requirements of the SISE minor include 5 core courses (14 credits) and 1 SISE-approved elective (3 credits):

SISE 2010: Introduction to Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (3cr + service-learning)
Dr. Whelan's Syllabus, Professor Schoop's Syllabus (Spring 2014)
The introductory class gives students an appreciation for the field of social entrepreneurship and introduces students to several helpful frameworks that will be used in subsequent classes. Students will examine key concepts and the historical context, understand current theories and debates about social change, and discuss case studies of social entrepreneurs. The class will address two overarching tenets of SISE:

  • Social impact can best be created by moving away from the current divisive approach of separate sectors and towards blended models that connect and combine sectors in new ways
  • Social mission and social impact are the primary focus - understanding what your mission is, and how you create the greatest social impact, is key

SISE 2020: Introduction to Business for Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (3cr)
Dr. Gard's Syllabus (Spring 2014)
Pre-requisite: ECON 1010
Not required for business majors or minors
Course credit cannot count towards a business degree
This course assumes no prior background in business concepts and is open to declared SISE minors who have completed SISE 2010. The course is designed to give students basic competence in understanding and analyzing the core elements of sustainable business models. Through this course, students will gain a working vocabulary, theoretical toolkit, and fundamental technical skill set for operating in a business environment. Topics include accounting, finance, strategy, marketing, sales, operations, organizational structure and management.

SISE 3010: Design Thinking for Collective Impact (4cr)
Dr. Murphy's Syllabus, Professor Yoachim's Syllabus (Spring 2014)
Not required for architecture majors or minors
Course credit cannot count towards an architecture degree
This course is a practical, experience-based introduction to design-thinking tools and techniques for SISE undergraduate minors from diverse departments across campus. Students will be exposed to applied research, ideation and problem-solving tools adapted from human-centered design and architecture. Using New Orleans as a laboratory and working with local partners, students will creatively and collaboratively address local community concerns, leading to a prototype for installation in a neighborhood. In addition, readings, case studies, lectures, and writing exercises will allow students to learn from these local design-thinking experiences to more fruitfully address global problems, such as climate change, poverty, and the AIDS pandemic, that they aim to pursue in their program major and SISE practicum.

SISE 4020: Leadership for Collective Impact (3cr)
Dr. Lewis & Dr. Cox's Syllabus (Fall 2013)
This seminar is about "Leadership" - how the term has been defined and studied, as well as how it has been practiced. On the one hand, the course will focus conceptually on the genealogies and evolution of the theory and practice of leadership. On the other hand, the course will assess the current state of leadership scholarship by engaging students with current leadership literature and thinking.  We will explore why leadership has taken on so many different definitions and delve into some of the major issues and debates in the field. Students will be guided in the development of their own leadership skills, as the course will require students to practice leadership both in the course and in the community.

SISE-Approved Elective (3cr)
Co-requisite: SISE 4050
View an up to date list of SISE-approved electives.

SISE 4050: Senior Seminar (1cr)
Co-requisite: SISE-approved elective
Offered in Fall 2014
The SISE Senior Seminar is a 1-credit, semester long course open to students have completed SISE 2010, SISE 2020, SISE 3010, and SISE 4020. Students can take SISE 4050 concurrently with their SISE-approved elective. The seminar will be open to students with senior standing that expect to graduate within the next two semesters. The goal of this course is to provide a final cohort experience and help students synthesize SISE with other academic and engaged learning experiences.


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