Educational Policy


John Verano

Faculty Members

Justin Wolfe (SLA) (15)
Rich Teichgraeber (SLA) (17)
Tim Harlan (SOM) (14)
Tong Wu (SOM) (15)
Alexander Burin (SSE) (15)
Jerry Shakov (SSE) (16)
TBD (ABF) (13)
Judith Kinnard (Arch) (15)
Colin Crawford (Law) (15)
Stephanie Baus (SSW) (17)
Assaf Abdelghani (SPHTM) (16)
George Flowers (SCS) (14)

Representatives of the Administration (voting)

Dean, Newcomb-Tulane College: James MacLaren (14)
Dean, SLA: Carole Haber (14)

Student Members

USG: Charisse Poston
USG: Briar Falgoust
GAPSA: Lauren Michel
GAPSA: Jacobs Jordan

Ex Officio (non-voting)

Director, Innovative Learning Center: Linda Wright
Director, ERC: Jillandra Rovaris
Senior VP, Academic Affairs and Provost: Michael Bernstein

Administrative Liaison

Registrar: Earl Retif


Executive: a) University-wide–To review and make recommendations to the faculties and deans regarding: i) policies and procedures that affect teaching; ii) the quality of support services relevant to teaching quality b) Undergraduate programs– i) To review admissions policies to assure acceptable minimum standards. [This function excludes review of interdivisional transfers and review of advance standing determinations for transfer students seeking admission from outside the University.] ii) To review the admission and academic performance of student athletes according to current Senate policy.

Advisory: a) on questions related to academic policy and planning, admissions, and student financial aid within the University which may either have been referred to, or have originated with, the Committee; b) in recommending a satisfactory calendar for University operations; c) in recommending the initiation of new or the termination of existing undergraduate degree programs, new undergraduate majors involving two or more units, and the initiation of new or the termination of existing joint undergraduate degrees or joint undergraduate/graduate degree programs.


Chair, the Vice Chair of the Senate; two faculty members from the School of Liberal Arts; two faculty members from the School of Science and Engineering; two faculty members from the School of Medicine; one faculty member from each of the remaining academic constituencies excepting the Newcomb-Tulane College; two members from the Administration; and three students, each from a different academic constituency. Ex officio (non-voting) – the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, the Dean of Newcomb-Tulane College, the Chief Technology Officer or the CTO's designee, and the Director of the Educational Resource Center. Either the Committee on Committees or the Educational Policy Committee may designate other representatives of the administration as non-voting members.



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