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What do you believe is the greatest value of a college education? Do your beliefs about the significance of a college education differ from those held by the people featured in the book?

On a number of levels, Hope Against Hope operates as a kind of character study, or study of characters, who, on levels both individual and collective, teach us about the human will to survive. How is this idea translated in the experiences of Mary Laurie, Aidan Kelly, and Geraldlynn Stewart?

Cultural diversity is, arguably, the thing that most sets New Orleans apart from other metropolises. How is this diversity reflected in the stories of the three schools that are the focus of Hope Against Hope? What do the challenges faced by these schools reveal about other factors that distinguish the city of New Orleans?

Since 2005, New Orleans has been a hotbed of innovation and experimentation, with public education as a primary target of new ventures, initiatives, and developments. How does Hope Against Hope underscore the need to balance the application of creative solutions to New Orleans’ chronic K-12 public school education problems with the mandates of community engagement and collective visioning? 


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