November 16, 2010

Volume 20, Issue 11

            Published by the Tulane University Health Sciences Center Police Department for the Health Sciences Center


Thanksgiving Issue


The TUHSC Police wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. More importantly we would like to offer you some safety tips to make sure that happens.

Please observe fire safety when heating your home. Check for gas line problems in your heater, and insure that there is adequate ventilation to avoid deadly carbon monoxide build up. Before lighting the fireplace have all of the proper equipment and a plan for any mishaps that could occur. Never remove a burning object from the hearth, and keep watch until the fire is completely out. Christmas trees and other lighting should be inspected and well maintained. Seek flame resistant decorations and ornaments. Beware of potential electrical problems.

When you are out and about leave curtains closed, and keep a television or radio on. That way no one can see what you have, and they can't be sure that no one is home. Before leaving for extended trips arrange for someone to pick up your newspapers and mail. Have them also check the interior for signs of burglary, but do not enter a dwelling that appears to have been broken into. That's the police department's duty.

Look for the December issue of Center Watch for additional holiday safety tips, including topics about Christmas, New Years Day and the upcoming bowl games!

Crime Prevention and Safety Brochures

Don't forget that Crime Prevention and Safety Brochures are available in the 1430 Building lobby, Deming Dormitory lobby, Tidewater Building lobby, and the Murphy Building lobby.

These brochures offer you safety tips for jogging, bicycling, and just everyday life. We also have campus maps, and shuttle schedules available at both locations. And as always our Escort Service is available 24/7.

Remember to always report a crime or suspicious person as soon as you can safely do so at Extension 55555 or 85531.

Holiday Shopping

The day following Thanksgiving Day is when the real shopping frenzy begins!

-Shop with another person. Pairing with another person makes shopping quicker and more enjoyable. Criminals are less likely to confront more than one person, and the "buddy system" gives you an extra pair of eyes to be on the look out.

-Don't carry more than you can handle. Criminals will be looking for overburdened persons that cannot protect themselves or their property. Approach your car with your keys already in hand. Don't leave anything in your vehicle in plain view, and place items in your trunk before arriving at your next shopping location.

- Don't be a target. Be attentive, and alert. Criminals seek those who appear unaware. If something doesn't seem right, trust your instincts and don't take chances. Ask a security officer to escort you to your car. Almost all malls offer this free service. Leave purses at home and carry money in your front pockets.

Bayou Classic Traffic 

The Bayou Classic featuring Grambling State and Southern University will take place Saturday 11/27/10 with events beginning at 10:00 a.m.. Due to the expected heavy traffic on Canal Street and in the French Quarter during the Bayou Classic event the New Orleans Police Department will place many traffic restrictions upon Canal Street. At the department's discretion there may be restrictions placed on streets adjoining Canal Street which could affect your route to and from our Regional Medical Center area. Check local media for additional information.

**Crime Alert** Crime ALert** Crime Alert**

 Please report all incidents or suspicious activity as soon as safety permits. Remember to travel in numbers whenever possible, utilize crosswalks, park in well-lit and populated areas, and to use the TUHSC Police 24-hours Security Escort Services. Stop at the lobby post or call 988-5531 for information and safety brochures. In case of EMERGENCY call 988-5555 or 55555 if on campus, and 911 if off campus.


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000