August 16, 2010

Volume 20, Issue 8

             Published by the Tulane University Health Sciences Center Police Department for the Health Sciences Center


Newcomers' Issue

The TUHSC Police Department welcome s all new and returning students, faculty and staff . In order to attempt to make your stay as safe as possible we have sources to keep you informed : We distribute this newsletter once a month and a special Cleary Act issue will be distributed October 1st. These along with a w ealth of other important safety information can be found on our website: .

Drop by our TUHSC P olice dispatcher's station in the front lobby of 1430 Tulane Avenue and visit our brochure rack for additional pamphlets concerning security and safety issues . Also remember w e can always be reached at our 24-hour Non-emergency number 98 8-5531 , and EMERGENCY NUMBER 98 8-5555.


 Be prepared, have a plan and monitor all Emergency announcements via and the alert line at 1-800-862-8080.

  Policy dictates that none of the university campus buildings will be permitted to be used as shelters during Hurricanes. The building's will be locked and will be inaccessible, and this policy will be strictly enforced .

Hurricane Evacuation maps are available at the TUHSC Police Dispatch and Tidewater Entrance Posts.

Street Smarts: Tip: Look Smart !

When criminals on the street seek out potential victims, strong consideration is given to appearance. The criminals first determine whether the person is alone, which is the reason we emphasize the need to travel with others. If alone, you don't want to be in an isolated or dark area that you are not familiar with.

The individual's personal appearance comes next. Is the person aware of his or her surroundings, or does he or she appear confused, non-alert or even intoxicated? When walking, it is important that you know what is happening around you, and are going in a purposeful direction. If you see something that looks suspicious, turn around and go the other way. Trust your instincts!

When using public transportation don't fall asleep. Keep your valuables close to you, and sit near the driver whenever possible. Above all, remember that being intoxicated targets you as a potential victim by signaling to the criminal that you are not wholly capable of protecting yourself, or even reporting an incident with any significant credibility.

Wearing Your Tulane ID

Tulane University Health Sciences Center policy requires that all Faculty, Staff, and Students wear their University Identification card at all times while on campus.

ID's are available in Room 806 of the Tidewater Building. Once activated your ID will allow you to gain access to various building on campus. For access into the Medical School and JBJ Building have your card activated at TUHSC Police Dispatch in the lobby at 1430 Tulane Avenue. For access to the Tidewater Building have the card activated in room 806 of the Tidewater Building. Murphy Building and 1555 Poydras activation will be done at those buildings by the Deans Office. Please contact TUHSC Police for contact information for those buildings.

If you have any questions concerning access to the secured areas in you department see your supervisor for special authorization.

*Rape Aggression Defense Training*

R.A.D. training classes are presently being scheduled for the downtown campus. Please contact Capt. J. Sullivan or Sgt. B. Daigle for additional information at 504-988-5531 or


Please report all incidents or suspicious activity as soon as safety permits. Remember to travel in numbers whenever possible, utilize crosswalks, park in well-lit and populated areas, and to use the TUHSC Police 24-hours Security Escort Services. Stop at the lobby post or call 988-5531 for information and safety brochures. In case of EMERGENCY call 988-5555 or 55555 if on campus, and 911 if off campus.


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000