April 15 , 2010

Volume 20, Issue 4

              Published by the Tulane University Health Sciences Center Police Department for the Health Sciences Center

2010 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Issue

We hope you get the opportunity to visit the 2010 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on April 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, May 1, & 2. Here are some suggestions to make your outings more enjoyable from a safety perspective:

Traffic: Inner-city events attract the towing units of the city's traffic control service. Cars will be ticketed and towed for a variety of offenses. The resulting nuisance and monetary loss can ruin the best of times. When you park, take a moment to scan the surrounding area for small signs before leaving. There are also the usual regulations that you must park the direction of traffic flow and stay away from no-parking zones. There are also some lesser known offenses. Did you know that you are not allowed to block any driveway including your own? It may be in your best interest to park in an attended parking lot to be safe. And don't bring items you will have to leave in plain view in your vehicle.

Money: Bring only what you need. Keep it in your front pants pockets, and remember that many vendors can accept credit cards.

Crowds: Beware of intoxicated or unsociable people. Remember that it may be difficult or impossible to reason with an intoxicated person. Mardi Gras caution tips apply here too.

Health: Stay hydrated, dress comfortably, wear your medical alert items and remember your sunscreen.

Crime Prevention and Safety Brochures

Don't forget that Crime Prevention and Safety Brochures are available in the 1430 Building lobby, Deming Dormitory lobby, Tidewater Building lobby, and the Murphy Building lobby.

These brochures offer you safety tips for jogging, bicycling, and just everyday life. We also have campus maps, and shuttle schedules available at both locations.

Remember to always report a crime or suspicious person as soon as you can safely do so at Extension 55555 or 85531.


When criminals on the street seek out potential victims, strong consideration is given to appearance. The criminals first determine whether the person is alone , which is the reason we emphasize the need to travel with others. If alone, you don't want to be in an isolated or dark area that you are not familiar with.

The individual's personal appearance comes next. Is the person aware of his or her surroundings, or does he or she appear confused, non-alert or even intoxicated? When walking, it is important that you know what is happening around you, and are going in a purposeful direction. If you see something that looks suspicious, turn around and go the other way. Trust your instincts!

Rape Aggression Defense Class

R.A.D classes are being scheduled now. Please contact TUHSC Police Captain Jarrod Sullivan or Sergeant Bryan Daigle for dates and times. Remember you can schedule special group classes for you and your friends and family.

For additional information or to schedule a class email

**Crime Alert** Crime ALert** Crime Alert**

Please report all incidents or suspicious activity as soon as safety permits. Remember to travel in numbers whenever possible, utilize crosswalks, park in well-lit and populated areas, and to use the TUHSC Police 24-hours Security Escort Services. Stop at the lobby post or call 988-5531 for information and safety brochures. In case of EMERGENCY call 988-5555 or 55555 if on campus, and 911 if off campus.


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