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The Tulane Maternal & Child Health Leadership Training Program provides extensive leadership training to a select group of Tulane MCH graduate students. The program helps students develop core MCH leadership competencies that relate to the self, others, and the community. Through activities designed to increase knowledge, self-reflection, ethics, critical thinking, communication, negotiation, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, contextual thinking, and advocacy, the program aims to shape students into MCH leaders who will be able to positively impact the community as students and in their future careers.

These students, who are chosen through a competitive application process at the beginning of each school year, participate in a variety of MCH-related leadership training experiences, including:

  • Creating long-term development goals
  • Collaborating on faculty research
  • Community outreach activities
  • Group book discussions
  • Meetings with staff and faculty mentors

The MCHLT also provides travel scholarships to regional and national conferences.

Past Scholars

Current Scholars


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