Promoting MCH research is a crucial component of the MCPHLT Program. Creating supportive linkages between faculty and students fosters a greater understanding of research techniques and awareness of national research priorities in future public health professionals. Our diverse body of student and faculty provide a stimulating and innovative environment for MCH research.


Faculty Research Interests        


MCH Core Faculty

Maya Begalieva, MD, PhD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor, MCH Section
Expertise: Academia-Practice Partnership, Workforce Development

Neil Boris, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Neurology and Psychiatry
Adjunct Associate Professor, GCHBS Department
Expertise: Child development, child health, family-centered preventive intervention
Research: Early head start, nurse-family partnerships, child maltreatment

Ted T.L. Chen, PhD, MPH, MA
Professor, Director of Tulane Asia-Pacific Health Promotion and Development Office
Expertise: Health education, program planning
Research: Smoking behavior, tobacco control

Gretchen Clum, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Psychology, HIV, Traumatic Stress, Violence
Research: Relationships among stress and health outcomes in women, adolescent health, risk behaviors, PTSD, HIV prevention

Ana Dal Corso, BA
Family Adjunct Assistant Clinical Faculty
Expertise: Family life, community development, nutrition
Research: Community health development training, ministry teaching in Costa Rica and Guatemala

Mark Dal Corso, MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor
Expertise: Pediatrics, preventive medicine, international child health
Research: Child health, immigrant health, community health worker training, Faith-based community health, general preventive medicine & public health practice, cultural competence

Francoise Grossmann, RN, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor
Expertise: Women's health, obstetrics, asynchronous Internet learning
Research: Preconception education, international women's health, health across the lifespan

Carolyn Johnson, PhD
Expertise: Psychology, behavioral science, theory, chronic disease risk, health promotion
Research: School health, tobacco and alcohol, teen pregnancy, physical activity, nutrition, stress, women's health

Carl Kendall, PhD, MA
Professor, Director Tulane Center for Global Health Equity
Expertise: Evaluation, medical anthropology, qualitative research, program design, health communication
Research: HIV/AIDS, applied medical anthropology, health disparities, international public health capacity building, health seeking behavior, community research, social networks, primary health care

Wuleta Lemma, PhD, MPH
Assistant Research Professor, Deputy Director Center for Global Health Equity, Tulane Ethiopia Country Director
Expertise: MCH HIV/AIDS, monitoring and evaluation
Research: International HIV/AIDS monitoring and evaluation, MCH in Ethiopia

Aubrey Spriggs Madkour, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Adolescent health, social epidemiology, demography
Research: Adolescent health and development, partner violence, social and contextual determinants of health outcomes, social theory, sexual and reproductive health, demography and population health

Donald (Diego) Rose, RD, PhD, MPH
Professor, Head of GCHBS Nutrition Section, Director of Tulane Prevention Research Center
Expertise: Nutrition assessment, food and nutrition policy, international nutrition
Research: Determinants of overweight in young school children, meal preparation time, food security, and diet quality among low-income women, work-site obesity prevention program

Karis Schoellmann, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor in GCHBS, Director Partner for Healthy Babies, Director MCH Health Communication and Education Division at LA OPH
Expertise: Health communication, social marketing, theory and principles of behavioral risk reduction
Research: Formative and evaluative Health Communication research, perinatal smoking cessation, prenatal care

Catherine A. Taylor, PhD, MPH, MSW
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, monitoring and evaluation
Research: MCH program evaluation, injury control and emergency health services, family violence prevention

Katherine Theall, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Expertise: Social epidemiology, women's reproductive health, research methods in social and behavioral sciences
Research Interests: Women and children’s health, community and social network influences on health outcomes, race and gender inequities, substance use and mental health, social epidemiologic theory and methods


"Section without Walls" Extended Faculty

Sue Ellen Abdalian, MD
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Head Pediatrics Section of Adolescent Medicine, Adjunct Professor GCHBS, Medical Director of Drop-In Teen Clinic
Expertise: Adolescent medicine, reproductive health care, eating disorders
Research: HIV prevention and intervention, adolescents living with HIV

Katherine Andrinopoulas, PhD, MHS
Assistant Professor, Dept. of International Health and Development
Expertise: Gender vulnerabilities and ideologies of African-American adolescent girls
Research: Social impact of HIV/AIDS

Jane Bertrand, PhD, MBA
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Health Systems Management
Expertise: Program evaluation, operations research, reproductive health, leadership development and mentoring
Research: Health strengthening and family planning

Danielle L. Broussard, PhD, MPH
Adjunct Assistant Professor, GCHBS
Expertise and Research: Racial and ethnic disparities in women's health, association between reproductive health and chronic conditions

Lisanne Brown, PhD, MPH
Adjunct Associate Professor, Director of Evaluation Division of LA Public Health Institute
Expertise: Adolescent health
Research: Adolescent psychosocial well-being and risk-taking behavior

Pierre Buekens, MD, PhD
Dean, Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Professor of Epidemiology, Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Expertise: MCH Epidemiology, global health
Research: Immigrant health, evaluation of perinatal interventions

Claudia Campbell, PhD, MA
Professor, Health Systems Management
Expertise: Access to health services, costs, utilization and economic evaluation
Research: Utilization and costs of untreated psychiatric disorders during pregnancy, labor force attachment of low income women with psychiatric disorders

Joia A. Crear-Perry, MD, FACOG
Director of Clinical Services City of New Orleans Health Dept., OB/GYN Physician
Adjunct Assistant Professor, GCHBS
Expertise: Advocacy for the health of African-American women and children, sexual and reproductive health

Stacey Cunningham, MS
Assistant Director Mary Amelia Center, Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor GCHBS
Expertise: Community organization, New Orleans community partnerships, coalitions, family centeredness and collaboration

Takeisha Davis, MD, MPH
LA Region I Medical Director for OPH, Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor GCHBS
Expertise: Pediatrics, HIV, preparedness, adolescent pregnancy
Research: Implementing evidence-based public health

Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc
Professor, Chief General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics,
Vice Dean Community Affairs and Health Policy
Expertise: Advancing policy and practice for improving health care quality and effectiveness for vulnerable populations
Research: Measuring health in post-Katrina populations, developing health centers

Margarita M. Echeverri, PhD, MS
Research Assistant Professor, Tulane SPH and Xavier University
Expertise: Cultural competency, evaluation

Luanne Francis, MPH
New Orleans Faith Health Alliance Executive Director, Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor GCHBS
Expertise: Mentoring, MCH

Anastasia Gage, PhD, MA
Associate Professor, Department of International Health and Development
Expertise: Monitoring and evaluation, reproductive health
Research: Adolescent health risk behaviors, access to and demand for maternal health care services, gender and domestic violence

Rebekah Gee, MD, MPH
Assistant Clinical Professor Dept. of Ob/Gyn, Adjunct Assistant Professor GCHBS
Assistant Director Tulane Xavier National Center of Excellence in Women's Health
Expertise: Physician advocacy and policy change in women's health

Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, MPH
Adjunct Assistant Professor GCHBS, Director of Birthing Project USA, Director Center for Community Health and Well-Being
Expertise: Social entrepreneurship, culturally competent health administration

Emily Harville, PhD, MSPH
Assistant Professor Dept. of Epidemiology
Expertise: Epidemiologic methods, observational epidemiology, population health
Research: Pregnancy epidemiology

Sally Kenney, PhD
Professor Political Science, Executive Director Newcomb College Institute, Adjunct Professor GCHBS
Expertise: Gender inequities, law, politics, feminism, public policy
Research: Women in politics, feminist theory

Lyn Kieltyka, PhD, MPH
CDC Senior Service Felow LA MCH Title V, Adjunct Assistant Professor GCHBS
Expertise: Epidemiologic methods
Research: MCH epidemiology

Patricia Kissinger, PhD, MPH
Professor of Epidemiology, Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Expertise: HIV/STI and women's health
Research: Association between STIs and HIV, behavioral research in HIV/STIs, relationship between malaria, West Nile virus, and pregnancy

Myra Kleinpeter, MD, MPH
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Adjunct Associate Professor GCHBS
Expertise: Internal medicine, women's health, health literacy, hypertension, CVD risks
Research: Health literacy, clinical nephrology, tobacco cessation, shared medical visits

Frances Mather, PhD, MS
Associate Professor, Director Academic Information Systems
Expertise: Biostatistics, data management, GIS
Research: Collaboration with Office of Public Health MCH Epidemiology in areas of depression, low-birth weight, pre-term birth and infant mortality

Gabriella Pridjian, MD
Professor and Chair Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Clinical Geneticist
Expertise: High-risk pregnancy, preeclampsia, genetic disorders, reproductive health
Research: Preeclampsia, volume expansion in a rat model and in human disease, West Nile and pregnancy effects

Valerie A. Paz Soldan, PhD, MPH
Research Assistant Professor, Director of Health Office for Latin America
Expertise: MCH, population and family planning

Mark VanLandingham, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor Dept. of International Health and Development
Expertise: Demography, survey methodology, population studies
Research: Impact of HIV/AIDS, sexual behavior, migration and health

Larry Webber, PhD
Professor Department of Biostatictics
Expertise: Research design, evaluation, school and community intervention programs
Research: Cardiovascular risk factors in childhood, school-based health promotion programs

Joan Wightkin, DrPH
Director Title V Louisiana Office of Public Health, Adjunct Assistant Professor GCHBS
Expertise: Public health practice, policy and administration
Research: Failure to thrive

M.A. Tonette Krousel-Wood, MD, MSPH, FACPM
Associate Provost Health Sciences, Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Epidemiology
Expertise and Research: Clinical investigation of family health

Xu Xiong, MD, DrPH
Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Expertise: Perinatal and reproductive epidemiology, survey methodology
Research: Perinatal health

Paula Zeanah, PhD, MSN, RN
Associate Professor Psychiatry and Neurology, and Clinical Associate Professor Dept. of Pediatrics
Adjunct Associate Professor GCHBS
Expertise: Pediatric psychology, infant mental health, child and adult psychiatry
Research: Prevention/early intervention, sexual self-esteem, mental health training for professionals


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