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MCHLT Mentoring

The MCHLT faculty and staff are committed to a curriculum that engages scholars on multiple levels; this includes formal mentoring relationships for MCHLT Scholars. MCHLT Scholarship opportunities are considered to be mentored student-driven programs; therefore, mentoring is used to offer guidance to motivated Scholars who are dedicated to their career pursuits. The Scholars are also involved in a peer mentoring relationship with one another.


MCH Student Advisory Board

In 2007, a student-led advisory board (SAB) was established. The group was instrumental in assessing the alignment of the MCH offerings in relation to the ATMCH and ASPH Core competencies, as well as the MCH leadership competencies.  They have also surveyed their fellow students regarding specific courses and overall satisfaction with their MPH experience.  Recommendations they have made led to improvements and greater student satisfaction.


Community Advisory Committee

The responsibility of the CAC is to ensure that the Tulane MCH program maintains its community-oriented focus on MCH training and leadership development. Meetings between the MCHLT and the Louisiana Title V program, and other members of the CAC have been held regularly. These meetings have had direct impact on didactic teaching, research proposals and student field placements over the years. The CAC is made up of a wide range of stakeholders – community organizations, policy leaders, medical professionals, government representatives, and other collaborators.  It has met a number of times to provide input and advice on two main topics: family centeredness and its incorporation into our curriculum, and cultural humility. We have also gained feedback from the members regarding particular offerings of the program, as well as the caliber of our graduates.


Community Agency Partners

Louisiana Office of Public Health

Louisiana Public Health Institute

Prevention Research Center

City of New Orleans Health Department

The Mary Amelia Community Women's Health Education Center


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