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Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

2012-13 Humphrey Fellows




Talant Abdyldaev, M.D.

Technical Areas:
Public Health Policy and Management

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Dr. Talant Abdyldaev is the Executive Director of the Dental Association of the Kyrgyz Republic. His official duties include providing support to members of the Association, organizing the Annual National Dental Congresses, maintaining contacts with professional dental organizations from other countries and with the World Dental Federation (FDI). He teaches in the dental surgery department of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. During his year with the Humphrey Fellowship, Talant will study Public Health Policy and Management. He takes an interest in questions about accreditation, licensing, certification and quality control in health care. He also hopes to develop linkages with American institutions that work in similar areas.   


 Cinthia Araujo, M.D., MPH

Technical Areas:
Healthcare Quality Improvement, Public Policies and Government Management, Epidemiology, Monitoring & Evaluation

Country: Brazil

Dr. Cinthia Lociks de Araujo is from Brazil. She has a degree in Medicine with specialization in Preventive and Social Medicine (University of Campinas - São Paulo) and Public Policy and Government Management (National School of Public Administration - Brasilia), She also holds a master's degree in Health Systems Management (Federal University of Bahia) and master’s degree in Public Health (University of Brasilia). Her professional experience includes five years of practice in Community and Family Health services and eleven years in government management at Ministry of Health of Brazil, as technical coordinator and advisor of the Executive Secretariat and the Department of Primary Health Care. Besides providing technical expertise to guide monitoring and evaluating of the Brazilian Public Health System, she participated in the design and implementation of the National Program for Improving Access and Quality of Primary Health Care; this program involves monitoring, evaluation and payment-for-performance schemes for over 17,000 health teams. Before she joined the Humphrey Program, Cinthia was working on intersectoral programs of the Brazilian government, including the “Brazil Without Misery” and “Water for All”, both of which aimed to reducing social inequities. She has published studies about racial inequalities in health and about M&E of primary health care in Brazil. During her Humphrey year she will focus on quality management in healthcare, and on monitoring and evaluation of public health programs. She also intends to improve her skills in leadership, managerial communication and health systems management. 


karimov_2012 Zubaydullo Karimov, B.A.


Technical Areas:
Disaster Risk Reduction, Rapid Emergency Assessments, Climate Change.

Country: Tajikistan

Zubaydullo Karimov is from Tajikistan. He holds a Bachelor degree in English philology and has been taking coursework toward a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Management. He has twelve years of experience working with international organizations. For the last six years he has worked with Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change projects. In his capacity as a disaster risk reduction project officer he has been responsible for implementing public events and campaigns on disaster risk reduction, and organizing earthquake and fire safety evacuation simulation exercises. He also served as the focal point for the Rapid Emergency Assessment Coordination Team. Before joining the SPHTM as a Humphrey scholar, Zubaydullo worked as a Climate Change project officer with Oxfam international. During his Humphrey year he will focus on improving his knowledge and skills in natural resource management, environmental policy and climate change.   


 moldokmatova_2012Ainura Moldokmatova, M.Sc., Dip

Technical Areas:
Monitoring and Evaluation in Public Health, HIV/AIDS and TB prevention, Reproductive Health

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Ainura Moldokmatova is a Research Manager with Population Services International’s Central Asia Office. In this capacity, she is responsible for, coordinating program research and M&E activities in Central Asia, particularly in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Additionally, Ainura was involved in the process of evaluation of the National HIV/AIDS M&E system in Kyrgyzstan, which became the basis for the development of the M&E component for the National HIV Respnse Program for 2012-2016. Ainura has a master’s degree in Social Research from the University of Edinburgh (UK) and diploma on Sociology from the Kyrgyz State National University. During her Humphrey Fellowship program, she aims to look at M&E issues in Public Health and Epidemiology, improve her knowledge and skills in research methods and statistical applications. 


Maissaa Naji, B.A., M.A.

Technical Areas:
Health Education, Health Promotion, Development of Educational Materials for Health Education, Capacity Building


Dr. Naji holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Oral and Dental Sciences, a diploma in Endodontic and Conservative Treatments from Damascus University, a diploma in Public Health from the Syrian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) and a Masters’ Degree in Health Promotion from Bath Spa University College, U.K. For twenty years Dr. Naji has served as a National Program Manager and cooperated with different international organizations such as World Health Organization, United Nations Children’s Fund and United Nations Population Fund. As a director of the Education Development Center at the Ministry of Health. She has extensive experience in planning, implementing and evaluating community-oriented projects in the field of health education, health promotion, and the production of educational materials. Dr. Naji has published several training and educational materials, that are widely used by health providers, community trainers and by the public. She has conducted several workshops and training courses in the field of Community Empowerment and Development. In 1994 and 2000, Dr. Naji won the National Award for Medical Research, which was issued by the Ministry of Health and WHO. During her Humphrey year, Dr. Naji will focus on capacity building for community organizations and volunteers working in the field of Health Education and Health Promotion, with special emphasis on women’s empowerment and participation in community-oriented projects and initiatives at a local level. She is looking forward to strengthening her knowledge and skills in Health Communication, Planning and Management. 


Annick Andreas Ranirisoa, B.S.


Technical Areas:
Community Mobilization and Capacity Building

Country:  Madagascar

Mrs. Annick Andreas Ranirisoa currently works as the Community Led Total Sanitation [CLTS] Coordinator for the Global Sanitation Fund Executing Agency, Medical Care International Development [MCDI] in Madagascar. Mrs. Ranirisoa’s work includes coordinating the efforts of 15 local NGOs operating in rural areas to improve access to adequate sanitation and building their capacity to communicate behavior change messages in a way that is effective and appropriate to the varied cultural traditions in Madagascar. Before joining MCDI in 2011, Annick worked for over five years as a regional coordinator of a large USAID-funded project, Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP). Annick will use her time as a Humphrey Fellow to study health communication, community organization and development. Annick is especially interested in investigating the communication dynamics between mothers and adolescent children on topic related to sexuality and reproductive health and to identify strategies to improve this communication within the context of rural Madagascar. Annick also intends to use the Humphrey year to improve her leadership and grant writing skills. Upon her return to Madagascar, she would like to work with the Ministry of Health, NGOs, or Malagasy civil society to develop and implement public health campaigns aimed at reducing the occurrence of adolescent childbirth by improving communication between mothers and their adolescent children.


shukurov_2012 Murat Shukurov, MD

Technical Areas:
Public Health Management, Reproductive Health and Rights

Country: Turkmenistan

Dr. Shukurov is a freelance consultant who works with international and national non-governmental organizations and institutions (including UNICEF, IPPF, Red Crescent, etc.) on medical, health and safety issues. In his most recent role, Dr. Shukurov conducted research on medical health insurance issues, maternal and child health, reproductive health and rights, laws and state policies with respect to the healthcare sector. He served as a consultant on various health-related issues and facilitated meetings on social, medical and educational issues. While at Tulane, he will complete coursework in Public Health Policy and Management. He hopes to strengthen his skills for managing non-governmental public health organizations, including monitoring, quality assessments, capacity building, and sustainability. Dr. Shukurov strives to strengthen the role of non-governmental organizations in the public health sector to improve reproductive health and health rights through training activities, advocacy and media resources. 


Theingi Soe, BSCE, MScsoe_2012

Technical Areas:
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), Capacity Building, M & E in both emergency and non-emergency settings

Country: Myanmar (Burma)

Ms. Theingi Soe has been working in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector in a range of contextual situations and geographical areas of Myanmar since 1998.  As A Public Health Adviser for Oxfam, she is responsible for representing Oxfam, for liaising and networking with government authorities, UN and other agencies to maintain good relationship and coordination. She is also designing   needs assessments, and program M &E plans. She serves as a lead facilitator for an assessment of the WASH Sector and provides technical assistance for emergency responses to WASH sector field office staffs and partners. In addition, she is building and fostering networks to disseminate best practices in the WASH sector and to provide technical support field based WASH focal points, including partner organizations. Theingi would like to improve her skills and knowledge on multi-disciplinary approaches to water supply, sanitation and environmental planning, and water resources management. She also would like to participate in professional training workshops, seminars and conferences to increase her exposure to multi-disciplinary approaches, environmental policies and law, and water resources management. Upon completing her Fellowship, she aims to apply her new technical knowledge, managerial skills and leadership to help strengthen Myanmar’s water resources management sector.



Maria Eugenia Villalobos, MSc., PhD

Technical Areas:
Human Nutrition, national integrated program for children: early education; improving health, nutrition, and development; growth and child development surveillance systems; food security, research-action, and training projects; university teaching on nutrition issues.

Country: Costa Rica 

Dr. Villalobos received a scholarship from the USAID Office in Costa Rica, completed her Master’s Degree in Nutrition at Cornell University, received a PhD in Food and Agriculture Systems with Honorable Mention from the University of Costa Rica. With over twenty years of professional experience, she has worked with a wide range of projects and organizations, such as CARE-Costa Rica where she managed a rural project related to food security, community empowerment, and community credit that was implemented in 25 rural communities. She also worked as a professor both in the Nutrition School at University of Costa Rica and at the Medical Sciences University, teaching courses on the design of public nutrition projects. During the last ten years, she has been working for the National Office of CEN-CINAI at the Health of Ministry in Costa Rica, which is a countrywide nutrition, health, and education program that offers services to low-income families, primarily for children under five years old. These services offered by the program include early education, day care centers, supplementary meals and food, anthropometric assessments, child development monitoring, and family education. Dr. Villalobos has held several positions at Cen-CINAI. Initially, she worked  as a local coordinator and was responsible for ensuring that the program offered services that were in line with the program objectives. Subsequently, she worked at the regional level as a technical supervisor for  day care and nutrition center staff. Since 2009 she has been in charge of the Unit for Research and Surveillance for Growth and Development, at the national level, where she works with an interdisciplinary professional team. During her year as a Humphrey Fellow, Dr. Villalobos plans, to investigate and learn new strategies for implementing child nutrition services and surveillance systems for children, in order to reduce  undernourishment, childhood obesity, and micro-nutrient deficiencies in Costa Rica.


 yok_2012Sovann Yok, M.D.

Technical Areas:
Control of Communicable Diseases

Country: Cambodia

Dr.Sovann Yok graduated from the University of Health Sciences, Phnom Penh, in 1998 and received a diploma of DTM&H in 2002 from the Bangkok School of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand.

For the past 11 years, Dr. Yok has been working as a provincial malaria supervisor and Deputy Director for the Pailin Provincial Health Department. In this capacity, he is responsible for coordinating communicable diseases. He is particularly involved in project planning and coordinating of vertical programs such as malaria prevention and control and emergency preparedness. His work is mainly to coordinate vertical programs and analyze their progress with respect to key indicators. He provides medical technical support and participates in program planning, analyzes problems and difficulties within the projects and help find solutions. He helps field teams manage their relation with institutions, NGOs, and local authorities and assists in emergency interventions, e.g. avian influenza, dengue, cholera outbreaks, and malaria..








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