GHSD Faculty

Jane-Bertrand, PhD


Neal A. and Mary Vanselow Professor and Chair

Jane Bertrand, PhD
program evaluation, operations research, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS



Claudia Campbell, PhD

Claudia Campbell, PhD
Efficiency of health systems; health care costs and access among vulnerable populations

Hugh Long, PhD

Hugh Long, PhD
Medicare/Medicaid policy and payment mechanisms; health care financing; health care provider financial management

Associate Professors


Mark Diana, PhD

Mark Diana, PhD
vertical integration and de-integration of IT services in health care delivery systems, across systems and geographic boundaries; transaction cost economics and strategic management theory; IS/IT management, outsourcing, and organization

Lizheng Shi, PhD

Lizheng Shi, PhD
Pharmaceutical and health care economics; pharmacoepidemiology; health care quality, access, and evaluation

Assistant Professors


Charles Stoecker, PhD

Charles Stoecker, PhD
Vaccination policy, child outcomes, health insurance, health policy

Valerie Yaeger, PhD

Valerie Yeager, DrPH
Public health partnerships, quality improvement within the public health setting, strategic management, public health preparedness, health information technology, and health care quality issues such as patient satisfaction and access to care

Clinical Associate Professor


Joni Steinberg, PhD

Joni Steinberg, PhD
Patient flow; application of quantitative decision models and financial analysis to health systems resource allocation; clinical decision analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis

Clinical Assistant Professor


Mollye Demosthenidy, PhD

Mollye Demosthenidy, JD
Healthcare reform, health care policy, the intersection of law, politics and policy in health care

Arthur Mora, PhD

Arthur M. Mora, PhD
Care setting and payer source on healthcare utilization and quality; Health information exchanges; 
Medicaid policy on healthcare organizational financial health and strategy

Thomas Stranova, PhD

Thomas Stranova, ScD
Academic medical organizations, organizational theory, strategic management, market development, quality improvement 

Research Assistant Professor


Natalia Zhivan

Natalia A. Zhivan, MA, PhD
Natalia Zhivan is part of the adjunct faculty in the health systems management department. She is interested in aging and retirement caused by socioeconomic, labor force participation, and health.e

Clinical Emeritus Professor


jack C.S. Ling

Jack C. S. Ling
Social mobilization; health advocacy; iodine deficiency disorders


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