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The School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Faculty Research Map highlights the work being done across the globe by the faculty. It is an always evolving project that will be updated as faculty research grows and changes, so please check back regularly for updates.



Jane Bertrand_Tulane_2

Neal A. and Mary Vanselow Professor and Chair

Jane Bertrand, PhD




Claudia Campbell, PhD

David Hotchkiss, PhD

Hugh Long, PhD

Dominique Meekers, PhD

Mark VanLandingham, PhD


Associate Professors

Arachu Castro, PhD

Mark Diana, PhD

Thomas Eisele, PhD

Anastasia Gage, PhD

Paul Hutchinson, PhD

Joseph Keating, PhD

Nancy Mock, DrPH

Lizheng Shi, PhD

Assistant Professors

Katherine Andrinopoulos, PhD

Philip Anglewicz, PhD

Mai Do, MD

Charles Stoecker, PhD

Valerie Yeager, DrPH


Clinical Associate Professor

Laura Murphy, PhD

Joni Steinberg, PhD


Clinical Assistant Professor

Mollye Demosthenidy, JD

Thomas Stranova, ScD

Research Assistant Professors

Adam Bennett, PhD

Valerie Paz-Soldan, PhD

Sawyer Pouliot, PhD

Joshua Yukich, PhD


Clinical Emeritus Professor

Jack C. S. Ling




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