Philip AnglewiczPhilip Anglewicz, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Global Health Systems and Development
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
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Research Interests:

Migration and health, impacts of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, aging in sub-Saharan Africa, biomarker measures of health, survey methodology

Educational Background:

  • PhD, Demography, University of Pennsylvania
  • MA, Demography, University of Pennsylvania
  • BA, Philosophy, Indiana University



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Chatterji, Minki, Nancy Murray, David London, Philip Anglewicz (2005). “The factors influencing transactional sex among young men and women in 12 sub-Saharan African countries” Social Biology 52(1-2) 56-72.


Personal Statement:

Philip Anglewicz's primary research interest is the relationship between migration and health in developing countries, which he has pursued in several contexts.  In 2007, Anglewicz conducted a study on the relationship between internal migration, marriage and HIV infection in Malawi, which involved collecting survey and HIV biomarker data for over 500 migrants in Malawi.  In his current research, Anglewicz is investigating the relationship between rural-urban migration and health in Thailand, and the effect of Hurricane Katrina on migration patterns of the Vietnamese population in New Orleans.  In addition to migration, Anglewicz is also engaged in research on the effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on household composition and social support systems in sub-Saharan Africa, biomarker measures of health, and survey methodology.

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