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Antihypertensive and Lipid-LoweringTreatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT)
A NIH supported community based factorial trial designed to test (1) the effectiveness of four first-step anti-hypertensive drug regimens in reducing coronary heart disease, and (2) the effectiveness of a lipid-lowering regimen to reduce all-cause mortality.

Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health (BIRCWH)
This grant is designed to promote research and the transfer of research findings to clinical care that will benefit the health of women.

China National Hypertension Survey Epidemiology Follow-up Study (CHEFS)
A large prospective cohort study to examine risk factors for cardiovascular and renal disease in a representative sample of 180,000 Chinese men and women aged 40 years and older.

Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort Study (CRIC)
A NIH-sponsored study to examine risk factors for the progression of renal disease and development of cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic renal insufficiency.

Endothelial Dysfunction, Adipocytokines and Inflammation in Chronic kidney disease Study (EDAIC)
The EDAIC study is an important research study that is investigating the risk factors of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Evolution of Cardiovascular Risk with Normal Aging
The specific aim of this study is to characterize traits (intrinsic aging vs. the risk factor burden) in a population reaching middle age that influence the subclinical cardiovascular disease process in normal aging.

International Collaborative Study of Cardiovascular Disease in Asia (InterASIA)
A national cross-sectional survey of cardiovascular disease risk factors in China and Thailand.

Macronutrient and Heart Disease Risk Study (MACRO)
Research project designed to determine if changing the carbohydrate, protein and fat content of a diet will lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar and reduce body weight.

Protein and Blood Pressure (ProBP) Study
A NIH-sponsored 2-center randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial to examine the effect of dietary protein supplementation on blood pressure.

Supplement to the Evolution of Cardiovascular Risk with Normal Aging
This ongoing research is an attempt to characterize traits of intrinsic or "normal" aging versus the long-term risk factor burden of a black-white population being followed over 25 to 30 years.


Infectious Disease

HIV, HTLV, and Drug Abuse
A NAAIDC study to examine the influence of drug abuse on the natural history of HIV and HTLV infection.

Innovative diagnostic techniques for M tuberculosis in pediatric populations in Peru
A NIH cohort study to examine which of three different diagnostic tests, collected in three different methods has the best predictive value for M tuberculosis.

The influence of Trichomonas vaginalis on HIV vaginal shedding
A Louisiana's Health Excellence Fund cohort study to examine if HIV-infected women who are co-infected with TV are more likely to shed HIV in the vaginal secretions than women who are not co-infected and to determine if treatment decreases HIV shedding.

The influence of Trichomonas vaginalis on HIV vaginal shedding
A CDC cohort study that is a supplement to the Health Excellence to examine if HIV-infected women who are co-infected with TV are more likely to shed HIV in the vaginal secretions than women who are not co-infected and to determine if treatment decreases HIV shedding. This study provides for specimen collection at the 3rd month visit.

A CDC multi-centered study to determine if motivational interviewing delivered via cellular telephones could improve caregiver's adherence to the infant's AZT HIV prophylactic medicine.

A CDC randomized study trial to determine if a behavioral intervention can increase contraceptive use, reduce STDs and improve access to reproductive health care among women who gave birth with no prenatal care in New Orleans.

Optimizing Partner Treatment Strategies
A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded study to determine the best method of treating partners of patients with sexually transmitted infections.

Prevention of vaginal douching among adolescent and young women
A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded study to determine if a client-centered motivational interviewing intervention to prevent vaginal douching is better than a control arm for reducing the practice of vaginal douching among women age 13-24.

Risk reduction for young African American IDU's
A NIDA trial that determines if motivational interviewing can help reduce risk behavior or Hepatitis C among incarcerated men.


Genetic Epidemiology

Early Natural History of Arteriosclerosis
This study focuses on the impact of genetic factors at genomic level on the evolution of cardiovascular risk from childhood. This research is supported by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Genetic Epidemiology Network of Salt Sensitivity
A NIH-sponsored family intervention study to identify novel genes for high blood pressure.

Influence of Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene on Blood Pressure & Subclinical Cardiovascular System Changes
An American Heart Association supported genetic epidemiologic study to examine the effect of the endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene on serial changes of blood pressure and the anatomic alterations of the cardiovascular system.


Other Research Projects

National Burden of Disease and Cost-Effectiveness Project for the Republic of Turkey
A World Bank funded project to measure and evaluate the health of Turkey's population and to make recommendations for the efficient use of resources for health investments and medical interventions.

Regional Biocontainment Laboratory (RBL)
The biocontainment laboratory grant is designed to support construction of an approximately $20 million biosafety laboratory at the Tulane University National Primate Research Center.

Tulane University-Charity Hospital-Louisiana State University General Clinical Research Center (GCRC)
The National Center for Research Resources provides this core support grant for conduct of inpatient and outpatient clinical research by faculty at the Tulane University Health Sciences Center and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

Tulane University National Primate Research Center (TNPRC)
This base grant for the national primate research center provides support for conduct of health related primate research at a 500-acre campus with approximately 7,000 monkeys. 



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