Epidemiology Faculty

The school has more than 1,400 students and 100 faculty. The students, faculty, and staff represent more than 70 cultures from around the world.


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Joseph S. Copes Chair and Professor

Jiang He, MD PhD



Pierre Buekens, MD PhD

Prescott Deininger, PhD

Patricia Kissinger, PhD

M.A. Krousel-Wood, MD

Associate Professors

Lydia Bazzano, MD, PhD

Emily Harville, PhD

Felicia Rabito, PhD

Xu Xiong, MD DrPH

Jinying Zhao, MD PhD


Assistant Professors

Astrid Engel, PhD

Hirut Gebrekristos, PhD

Aaron Hoffman, PhD

Tanika Kelly, PhD

Shengxu Li, MD PhD

Nick Makridakis, PhD



Research Professors

Gerald Berenson, MD

Wei Chen, MD PhD

Sathanur Srinivasan, PhD

Research Assistant Professors

Qi Zhao, MD PhD

Clinical Professors of Epidemiology

Paul Kieran Whelton, MD


Clinical Associate Professors of Epidemiology

Susan Hassig, DrPH

Jeanette Gustat, PhD



Carol Chen, MS



Department of Epidemiology, 1440 Canal Street, Suite 2000, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-988-6809