Gretchen Clum 2013    

Gretchen Clum, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
1440 Canal Street, Suite 2300
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 988-5391
Fax: (504) 988-3540


Research Interests:

  • Violence and traumatic stress
  • Adolescent and women's health
  • Mental health
  • HIV prevention
  • Nutrition and physical activity 

Educational Background:

  • Post Doctorate - University of Missouri, St. Louis
  • PhD, MS, Psychology - University of Georgia
  • MA, English - University of Tulsa
  • BS, Psychology - Virginia Tech

Professional Achievements

  • 1996 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award
  • 1998 American Psychological Association Travel Award
  • 1999 Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology Dissertation Grant
  • 2003-2008 NIH Loan Repayment Program
  • 2004 - present NIMH K-01 Mentored Career Award
  • 2005 NIH Summer Fellowship Conduct of Behavioral Trials

Personal Statement:

My research has focused on exposure to stressful events, mental health, and health outcomes (e.g. sexual risk behavior, substance use) in women and adolescents. I have worked primarily with vulnerable populations, including women who have experienced violence and HIV positive adolescents. My goal is to understand mechanisms linking stressful life events, mental health, and poor health outcomes in vulnerable populations in order to develop and test evidence-based interventions to ameliorate the negative health effects of stressful life events. I also have a recent interest in social and behavioral factors influencing nutrition and physical activity and interventions to maximize health and wellbeing for women and adolescents.

Selected Publications:

Clum, G.A., Rice, J., Broussard, M., Johnson, C., Webber, L. (2014). Associations between depressive symptoms, self-efficacy, eating styles, exercise and body mass index in women. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 37, 577-86.

Shipherd, J., Clum, G.A., Rice, J., Veguilla, E., & Resick, P.A. (2014). Treatment-related reductions in PTSD and changes in physical health symptoms in women. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 37, 423-33.

Clum, G.A., Czaplicki, L., Andrinopoulis, K., Muessig, K., & Ellen, J. (2013). Strategies and outcomes of disclosure in HIV positive women with abuse histories. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 27, 191-200.

Clum, G.A., Chung, S., Ellen, J., Perez, L.V., Murphy, D.A., & Harper, G.W. (2012). Victimization and sexual risk behavior in HIV positive young women: Exploration of Mediators. AIDS and Behavior, 16, 999-1010.

Finger, J., Clum, G.A., Trent, M., & Ellen, J.M. (2012). Desire for pregnancy in HIV infected young women. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 26, 173-180.

Spriggs Madkour, A., Johnson, C., Clum, G.A., & Brown, L. (2011). Disaster and Youth Violence: The Experience of School Attending Youth in New Orleans. Journal of Adolescent Health, 49, 213-215.

Andrinopoulis, K., Clum, G.A., Cunningham, S., Murphy, D.A., Ellen, J.M. (2011). Health related quality of life and psychosocial correlates among HIV-infected adolescent and young adult women. AIDS Education and Prevention, 23(4):367-81.

Dietz, E., Clum, G.A., Chung, S., Leonard, L., Murphy, D.A., Perez, L.V., Harper, G.W., Ellen. J.M. (2010). Adherence to scheduled appointments among HIV-infected female youth in five U.S. cities. Journal of Adolescent Health, 46, 278-283.

Clum, G.A., Chung, S.E., & Ellen, J.M. (2009). Mediators of HIV related stigma and risk behavior in young HIV positive women. AIDS Care, 21, 1455-62.

Clum, G.A., Andrinopoulos, K., Muessig, K., & Ellen, J.M. (2009). Abuse in young HIV positive women: linkages to risk. Qualitative Health Research, 19, 1755-68.

Clum, G.A., Calhoun, K.S., & Kimering, R.E.  (2000). Associations among symptoms of depression and posttraumatic stress disorder and self-reported health in sexually assaulted women. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 188, 671-678.


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