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Alison Hart

Alison Hart

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
MPH 2007, Global MCH

I work in Karachi, Pakistan as the Health Program Manager for the Lyari Community Development Agency.  I  identify health needs and find practical community led initiatives to address these problems. I also help nurses lead health fairs for local women.

Mili Duggal

Mili Duggal

Hometown: Chandigarh, India
MPH 2010, Global MCH

I am currently an MCH Doctoral Student in the Department of Family Science at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, College Park. I work as a Research Assistant as well as a Teaching Assistant within the Department.

Ashley Murchison Ross

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
MPH 2004, MCH

I am a Regulatory Policy Analyst in the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, Office of Policy.  I work largely on External Affairs, with a particular focus on federal, state and local coordination. I work in Rockville, MD and live in DC.


Ashley Burg

Hometown: Cypress, TX
MPH 2010, HEDC

I am currently working at the Louisiana Public Health Institute in New Orleans as the Program Coordinator for Healthy Neighborhoods New Orleans.


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Dr. Ishaku Mohammed Salisu

Hometown: Takum, Nigeria
MPH 2010, Global MCH

I work for Pathfinder International/ Nigeria as a Service Consultant on various projects including family planning in northern Nigeria, Postpartum Hemorrhage Prevention, and Obstetrics Fistula Prevention and Treatment.


Dr. Antor Odu Ndep

Hometown: Nsanakang, Cameroon
MPH 2000, DrPH 2010, MCH

I am the CEO & Founder of Enareh Public Health Consultancy in Abuja, Nigeria. I help organizations with program development, translating the Ministry of Health policies into practice for different health agencies, and staff training.

Aaron Miller

Hometown: Memphis, TN
MPH 2007, MCH

I work at Tulane's Office of Emergency Response on hazards emergency preparedness. I also work as a Clinical Research Coordinator for New Orleans EMS studying prehopsital emergency medical services, while pursuing my doctoral degree at Tulane.

Lauren Dito

Lauren Dito

Hometown: San Rafael, CA
MPH 2010, MCH

I am the Program Manager for Training and Quality Assurance of the "Becoming a Responsible Teen" Program at the Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies in New Orleans, LA.

Emily Roberson

Emily Kathleen Roberson

Hometown: Franklin, Massachusetts
MPH 2008, Global MCH

I work for the Hawaii Department of Health running the Hawaii Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System. I do everything from data cleaning to grant writing to original research (analysis, manuscript writing, presentation of results, etc), and I mentor and guide office interns and students.

Grace Funnell

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
MPH 2008, Global MCH

I am a Senior Program Officer at Mercy Corps in Washington D.C., working with the Food Security Technical Unit to support field programs. I take part in proposal design and program support for all food security-related activities in roughly 40 different countries.



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