Distance Learning


GHSD 6030 - Principles of Health System Administration
and Management, 3 credits

This course presents a comprehensive survey of management principles and practices in the health care setting, with particular attention to the public health arena at an introductory level.  Students are introduced to US healthcare system,(public and private sectors), the legal and ethical bases for public health, methods of  ensuring community health safety and preparedness, public policy, management principles for planning, managing and evaluation, principles of strategic planning, marketing and quality improvements and skills for communicating and building partnerships with community partners.


Course Learning Objectives

The student will be able to:

1.      Discuss managerial roles, task and responsibilities required to
         effectively plan, organize, lead entities (organizations, divisions
         and projects) towards achievement of the organizational mission.

2.      Discuss managerial roles and responsibilities as they apply to selected
         public health organizational

3.      Discuss the organization of the U.S. health care system, including
         provider categories, payer health care services, role of the government
         and environmental trends.

4.      Apply basic concepts and tools that are integral to strategic leadership,

a.      Explain the relationship between organizations and their
         external environments and the resulting the role and function
         of the manager.

b.      Recognize the role of uncertainty and accept risk as a
          necessary component of organizational development.

c.      Discuss the use of political and legal systems to effect change.

d.      Recognize the importance of a professional ethical code
         and the need to promote an organizational that fosters
         high ethical standards.

e.      Relate theories of organizational structure to professional

f.       Recognize importance of systems thinking and organizational
         performance measurement and quality improvement systems.



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