Distance Learning

New Software Support

Computer Requirements

Here is the status for support on the latest platform and software for the program. While some software and platforms on this list will work with our program, they are not supported by dltech help desk. As such, dltech cannot provide support. If you call Dltech for support, we may ask you to revert back to support software or platform.

Latest software requirement list:

  • Office 2011 for PC; Office 2010 recommended
  • If Mac OFFICE 2004 & 2008 Does not include Analysis Pack in excel, please note that it is required for some courses.
    Student will be required to purchase a third Party add-on called Stat: Plus for Mac
    from AnalysisSoft
  • Windows 7 - Fully Supported
  • MAC OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Safari -- Not officially supported by Blackboard! 
    has been tested and works fine with all Distance learning Program Applications
  • Internet Explorer 9 - Not fully supported! Known problems in Blackboard include Problem accessing tests
    and the grade center. User of IE9 are strongly encouraged to use latest Firefox browser.

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