about caeph

CAEPH's mission is to apply public health principles and approaches for solving environmental health problems. The amalgam – Environmental Public Health – incorporates epidemiology, communication, management and behavioral science along with the traditional laboratory science and engineering approaches to environmental problems. CAEPH focuses on the dissemination and translation of research to practice, and fosters the interface between university faculty with environmental, health and safety professionals. This is accomplished through partnerships among university faculty, governmental agency personnel, industry practitioners and community groups. Technology is used as an integral tool for addressing environmental and occupational problems.

research areas

Research at CAEPH draws upon the core expertise of the team and includes:

  • Community-based prevention and intervention research methodology;
  • Childhood lead poisoning;
  • Assessment of trends in the Mississippi River Water Quality;
  • Application of surveillance methodology and data analysis to environmental health issues;
  • Risk communication, dissemination research and the translation of research for practice;
  • Development of technology-mediated teaching methods for environmental health education.

Distance Learning

Distance learning technologies are used to disseminate research and to promote professional education for midcareer environmental and health and safety practitioners. Three master degree programs are offered.

For more information, please visit our distance learning website.

(Coming Soon – continuing education programs!!)



CAEPH, 1440 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-988-1774