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Public Health Summer Institutes 2014

Use your summer to get ahead in your studies and advance your education and interests. The School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine is offering a total of five public health institutes that will engage your mind and your curiosity.

Introductory Public Health

Welcome to Public Health • June 2-27 and July 7-August 1, 2014

Public Health

What is public health? How is it practiced in the U.S. and globally? How does the social environment impact public health? This introductory public health institute consists of two 3-credit courses that examine the biology of disease, the community role in public health, the effect of social transformations on epidemics, and the societal response to classic public health problems from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Students can register for one or both of the courses included in this institute. Welcome to Public Health consists of two courses which can be taken individually:

  • SPHU 1010 Epidemics, Revolutions, and Responses, June 2-17, 2014; 3 credits, taught by Jeffery Shaffer, PhD
  • SPHU 1020 Cell, Individual, and Community, July 7-August 1, 2014; 3 credits, taught by Michael McCaskill, PhD

These courses are open to both Tulane and non-Tulane students.

Special Offerings in Public Health

Food: Farm to Table • June 2-27, 2014

Who knew summer could be so tasty? This innovative, interdisciplinary course explores the role public health plays in what we eat. Encompassing two 3-credit courses, the Food Institute provides an evidence-based approach to public health through food, food safety, nutrition, and policy. Field trips to restaurants, food processing plants, and urban farms enhance the learning experience. Food: Farm to Table consists of two courses, which cannot be taken individually – students must register for both. 

  • SPHU 3400 Nutrition, Cooking, and Public Health, June 2–13, 2014, 3 credits
  • SPHU 3410 Food Safety, Community, and Policy, June 16-27, 2014, 3 credits
  • Both courses taught by Elisabeth Gleckler, PhD and Lorelei Cropley, DrPH

This course is open to both Tulane and non-Tulane students.

Global Studies in Public HealthChina Summer Abroad

Health Systems of China • July 4-30, 2014

How does China, the most populous nation in the world, provide healthcare to 1.3 billion people in the midst of rapid economic development? Through this program delivered on location in China, students will learn about that country’s complex and fascinating healthcare system along with other healthcare systems around the world. The course consists of a 3-credit component of classroom experiences and field trips, coupled with an applied, service learning experience where students are integrated into the daily operations of healthcare organizations in the metropolitan Shanghai area.

This course is only open to Tulane students.

Public Health Threats in Suriname • June 2-July 25, 2014

Tonka Island, Suriname

Suriname is a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America with a long history of mining. This 3-credit course, delivered on location in Suriname, will examine the ecosystem of Suriname and explore the risks posed by environmental contamination from mining and pesticide use. The use of nutriceuticals and indigenous medicinal plans will also be covered. During the course, students will develop community-based intervention strategies to address environmental risks to population health.

  • SPHU 4560 Public Health Threats in Suriname, June 2-July 25, 2014 (NOTE: The study abroad component is July 7-21, 2014. Directed readings and case study completion take up the balance of time.) taught by Maureen Lichtveld, MD
  • Includes travel abroad

This course is only open to Tulane students.


Summer School Housing is available on Tulane’s Uptown Campus and can be paid for by the day. Billing will be through Tulane’s Bursar & Accounts Receivable Office. Students interested in living on-campus during the summer should check this summer housing website for an application and further information: Students planning to come to Tulane and live on campus during the summer should submit an application for a dormitory at least 7 days before arrival, and preferably earlier.

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