Pei-Tseng Kung , PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Healthcare Administration, Asia University
500 Lioufeng Rd. Wufeng, Taichung, 41354, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: 011-886-4-23323456 ext. 1929
Fax: 011-886-4-24227393



Educational Background:

  • Doctor of Science, Biostatistics, Tulane University, USA, 2000
  • Master of Science in Public Health, Biostatistics, Tulane University, USA, 1995




  • Outstanding Publication Award, Asia University, 2013
  • Outstanding Research Award, Asia University, 2005, 2007, 2012
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Health Science, Asia University, 2007
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, Asia University, 2003


Selected Publications:

Yu HC, Tsai WC, Kung PT. Does the Pay-for-performance Program Reduce the Emergency Department Visits for Hypoglycemia in Type 2 Diabetic Patients? Health Policy and Planning. 2013(Accepted)

Wang IK, Kung PT, Kuo WY, Tsai WC, Chang YC, Liang CC, Chang CT, Yeh HC, Wang SM, Chung FR, Wang KY, Lin CY, Huang CC. Impact of dialysis modality on the survival of end-stage renal disease patients with or without cardiovascular disease. Journal of Nephrology. 2013.03:26(2):331-341.

Wang YH#, Kung PT#, Tsai WC, Tai CJ, Liu SA, Tsai MH. Effects of Multidisciplinary Care on the Survival of Patients with Oral Cavity Cancer in Taiwan. Oral Oncology. 2012.09:48(9):803-810. (# Equal contribution)

Tsai WC, Kung PT, Wang JY. Disparities in the Use of Preventive Health Care among Children with Disabilities in Taiwan. Research in Developmental Disabilities 2012 Mar., 33(2): 324-333.

Huang KH, Tsai WC#, Kung PT#. The use of Pap smear and its influencing factors among women with disabilities in Taiwan. Research in Developmental Disabilities 2012 Mar., 33(2): 307-314. (# Equal contribution)

Kung PT#, Tsai WC, Li YH. Determining Factors for Utilization of Preventive Health Services among Adults with Disabilities in Taiwan. Research in Developmental Disabilities 2012 Jan., 33(1): 205-213. (# Equal contribution)

Kung PT#, Tsai WC#, Chiou SJ. The assessment of the likelihood of mammography usage with relevant factors among women with disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities 2012 Jan., 33(1): 136-143. (# Equal contribution)

Lai CY, Tsai WC, Kung PT, Cheng CY, Fang HY. Changes in Quality of Life at Five-year Follow-up and Factors Associated with Receiving a Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy for Hyperhidrosis Patients. Cheng Ching Medical Journal 2011 Apr., 7(2): 9-19. (in Chinese)

Chen WH, Kung PT, Tsai WC, Li YH, Tseng YC. Factors Associated with the Willingness of Primary Care Physicians to Implement the Department Global Budget. Taiwan Journal of Public Health 2011 Apr., 30(2): 150-164. (in Chinese)

Weng RH, Kung PT, Tsai WC, Chiang HH, Chiu LT. The use of fluoride varnish and its determining factors among children with disability in Taiwan. Research in developmental disabilities 2011 Jun., 32(2): 583-592.

Tsai WC, Kung PT, Mahmud Khan, Claudia Campbell, Yang WT, Lee TF, Li YH*. Effects of pay-for-performance system on tuberculosis default cases control and treatment in Taiwan. Journal of infection 2010 Aug., 61: 235-243.

Li YH, Tsai WC, Mahmud Khan, Yang WT, Lee TF, Wu YC, Kung PT. The effects of pay-for-performance on tuberculosis treatment in Taiwan. Health policy and planning 2010 Mar., 25(2): 1-8.

Tsai WC, Wang JJ, Syu KD, Kung PT. Factors Associated with Attitudes about Risk among Clinic Physicians in Central Taiwan. Cheng Vhing Medical Journal 2009 Oct., 5(4): 23-29. (in Chinese)

Tsai WC, Yu CH, Huang KH, Shieh SH, Chen HS, Liao CH, Wu SB, Chan HC, Kung PT. Helpfulness of Insurance IC card to Physicians' Diagnosis and the Associated Factors. Taiwan Journal of Public Health 2009 Jun., 28(3): 205-217. (in Chinese)



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