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The Biostatistics Data Center provides data entry and management services to researchers within the Tulane community as well as outside. Services are charged at an hourly rate, with no charge for an initial consultation. Written estimates will be provided. The center is affiliated with the Department of Biostatistics at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

Services Offered: 

Data entry
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Data Entry Services

  • Data entry: Data input from original forms or existing files; coding assistance available.
  • Data verification: All data double-punched for accuracy
  • Quality control: Identification of impossible, inconsistent, and invalid data points provided.
  • Data delivery: Various file formats available. Coding sheets and simple frequencies provided.

Data Management Services

  • Integration and collation of multiple files
  • Extraction of new datasets from large databases

Do you want more information? Contact:

Want us to enter your data? Complete the job information form and email it to above address or FAX it to 504-988-1706. If you can't access it, please respond via email and we'll send you a copy.


Rate information

Data Entry Setup


Hourly rate

This includes coding, designing a data entry form,assigning defaults and missing data codes, etc.

Data entry



Entering the data; all data are double-punched for accuracy.

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Reconciling discrepancies, computing simple frequencies, coverting data to output format.

Contact us for specifics.

There is a surcharge for rush jobs.

*Rates subject to change. Confirm hourly rates at time of contact.



Statistical Consulting

We offer a range of statistical consulting services, depending on user need.  We prefer to develop collaborative relationships and to be involved with a study from planning to presentation, but we realize that researchers often have a need for analysis of already collected data.

The initial contact visit is free.  This is where the researcher and the statistician can decide on the scope of the needs, the questions to be addressed, and the estimated time involved. 

Short-term services:  Analysis of existing data, interpretation of results, specific statistical questions. 

                Fees:  $60.00/hour

Long-term collaborative work: 

               Prior to data collection:Planning and design of studies,
                                                         Sample size and power computations,
                                                         Development of analysis strategies,
                                                         Form review
              After data collection:      Data analysis,
                                                        Report writing

             Fees:  $40.00/hour (or % effort for funded research)

Authorship:  Payment of fees and co-authorship/acknowledgement are separate and unrelated concerns.  Just as researchers may receive salary support from research projects and still be considered co-authors, individuals from the BDC should be considered as co-authors if they devote considerable time and effort and make substantial contributions to the design and/or analysis of study.

Graduate students:  While we are more than willing to help you analyze data for your thesis, dissertation, or other academic projects, we require that your advisor's permission be obtained prior to analysis so that the scope of service is clear to all parties.  The presence of the advisor at the initial contact visit is strongly encouraged.


Department of Biostatistics, 1440 Canal Street, Suite 2001, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-988-5164