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Certificate in Program Management

Program management is a crucial need among organizations and programs in the health services sector.  Strengths in program design and implementation, managing budgets, quality, information, processes and resources, and managerial effectiveness improve an organization’s ability to accomplish program goals and mission attainment.  Program managers are needed in organizations that are public or private, governmental or non-governmental, domestic or international.  

Offered by: Department of Global Health Systems and Development

Faculty Lead: Joni Steinberg, PhD

Certificate Purpose

The Certificate in Program Management introduces students to the knowledge and skills needed for the management of specific projects and programs within a health-related organization or community setting.  

Eligible Students

This certificate program is designed for current MPH/MSPH/MPH&TM/MHA students who are not pursuing the Master of Public Health in Health Systems Management. The certificate is a complement to degrees in other areas.

Certificate Competencies

Students who earn the Certificate in Program Management will be able to:

  • Apply basic principles in the design and implementation of health programs to a global or community setting (GHSD 6250);
  • Develop and use budgeting tools for implementing and managing a program or project (GHSD 6540);
  • Employ effective strategies to assure quality, manage processes, and  use resources effectively (GHSD 6710, GHSD 6170;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key aspects of health information systems and the issues surrounding their management (GHSD 6780); and
  • Apply concepts of organizational psychology and behavior to improve managerial effectiveness (GHSD 6380).

Number of Credits Required for Completion: 15

Prerequisite Courses

  • BIOS 6030 or equivalent

Required Courses

  • GHSD 6540 Managerial Accounting (2) (spring)
  • GHSD 6380  Organizational Behavior (2) (fall)
  • GHSD 6710 Quantitative Decision Models (3) (spring) (prerequisite: BIOS 6030)
  • GHSD 6780 Information Systems (2) (fall)
  • GHSD 6170 Quality Management in Health Care (3) (spring)
  • GHSD 6250 Design and Implementation of Global Health Interventions (3) (spring)

Students who are required to take GHSD 6250 to complete their MPH in the International Health Programs concentration must instead take GHSD 6220 Program Skills in Crisis and Transition Settings to fulfill the requirements of the certificate.

Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine which certificate best fits their professional and academic goals and how best to plan their graduate course schedule.

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