New Orleans Partner Opportunities Program


Undergraduate Activities Fund

Each semester, the Provost's Office administers the Undergraduate Activities Fund, which is designed to encourage faculty-student interactions outside of the normal classroom setting.

Students at Bonnet Carre Spillway-Click to Enlarge

Students observe the opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway on April 16, 2008. (Class: "Historical Geographies of New Orleans" taught by Richard Campanella.) From left to right: Dorothy Hernandez, David Salkin, unnamed student, Emily Brudenell, and Josh Fertitta.
(Photo courtesy of R. Campanella)

Each class is allotted up to $150 for an activity. These activities may include:

  • A salsa dance lesson for a Spanish class;
  • A swamp tour for an ecology class; or
  • A field trip to examine local architecture for a design class.

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Undergraduate Activities Fund Memo to Faculty for Spring 2014


Reserve your Activities Fund Dollars Now!! (Required! Deadline January 20, 2014!)

Undergraduate Activities Fund Reimbursement Form for Spring 2014

(Updated 01/10/2014)

Please note--while the Provost's Office will create expense reports for reimbursement in the Concur system on behalf of the faculty member, the faculty member is responsible for submitting his/her expense reports in Concur so that the report reaches the Accounts Payable Office.  Faculty who submit their paperwork on time to the Provost's Office but do not also submit the corresponding Concur expense report in a timely fashion may not be reimbursed, as per university policy on the timeliness of submitting reimbursements.


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