Networking Seminars Application



Networking Seminars Application: Required Supporting Documentation

1) CV of faculty member(s)submitting the application (open only to assistant and associate professors). Collaborative proposals from multiple faculty and/or across departments are strongly encouraged.

2) CV of proposed visitor.

3) Rationale.
How will this visitor contribute to your professional development and overall network potential? What is their status in the field?

4) Structure and content of the visit.
Ideally, the visitor would a) present a lecture open to the general public (followed by a small reception), b) participate in a small seminar of (invited) faculty to discuss the state of his/her field of expertise and its future, and c) work one-on-one with the sponsoring faculty member(s) to review CVs and research and publication strategies (possibly during a working lunch/dinner). Other programmatic suggestions are also welcome.

5) Budget.
Please include complete details of all estimated expenses (honoraria, travel and lodging for 2-3 nights, reasonable meals). Total budget requests should be approximately $2500-3500.  These funds can be used to supplement departmental/school.

6)Timing of event.
Faculty visits can be scheduled any time during the 2014-2015 academic year.

7) Assessment.
Faculty funded for networking seminars should be available for post-event assessment.

Please email your supporting documents HERE.

If you have questions about the application, please contact Gwyn Garrison at (504) 988-6282 or

If you have questions about the content of the proposal, please contact Associate Provost Ana Lopez at

200 Gibson Hall, Tulane University, 6823 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5261