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Networking Seminars Information

As a result of extensive discussions with faculty that began with structured focus groups, the Office of Academic Affairs and Provost established a fund to enable tenure-track faculty (especially junior faculty) to establish more robust national/international mentoring networks. The fund supports campus visits by senior faculty from other institutions to network with our faculty, serving as external mentors to help them position their work and shape their academic trajectories. The visitors also present their academic work to the community, and participate in state-of-the-discipline discussions with Tulane faculty.

Previously Funded Networking Seminars


  • Tulane Seminar Host: Holly Flora, Associate Professor of Art History
  • Visiting Scholar: Cordelia Warr, Senior Lecturer, History of Art, University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Guest: Ashley Schafer, Associate Professor of Architecture
            Kowlton School of Architecture, Ohio State University

Tulane Faculty Hosts: Kentaro Tsubaki, Assistant Professor of Architecture; Tiffany Lin, Assistant Professor of Architecture; Scott Ruff, Associate Professor of Architecture; Marcella Del Signore, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Seminar Date: May 2013

Professor Schafer is a former head of the Architecture Section at Kowlton School of Architecture, Ohio State University. Her primary area of research is in the issues of contemporary architectural practice. She is a founding editor of the critically acclaimed architectural journal, PRAXIS. Founded in 1999, PRAXIS has established itself as a distinctive voice in international architectural culture. The journal addresses contemporary design issues in both depth and breadth. It has engendered an architectural discourse uniquely rooted in practice and has generated a forum that bridges the gap between theory and practice.


  • Tulane Seminar Host: Karen Zumhagen-Yekple, Assistant Professor, English
  • Visiting Scholar: Rebecca Walkowitz, Associate Professor of English and affiliated faculty member in the Comparative Literature Program at Rutgers University

French & Italian

Guest: Timothy Hampton, Professor of French and Comparative Literature
            University of California, Berkeley

Tulane Faculty Hosts: Toby Wikstrom, Assistant Professor of French and Italian; Scott Oldenburg, Assistant Professor of English; Oana Sabo, Assistant Professor of French and Italian; Faycal Falaky, Assistant Professor of French and Italian

Seminar Date: March 8-10, 2013

Professor Hampton is a productive senior scholar who is highly respected and well known both within and without his disciplines of French, comparative literature and Italian studies. He has published three full-length studies of sixteenth-century French and European literature with Cornell University Press, as well as over twenty journal and book articles. This body of work opens up refreshing perspectives on European Renaissance literature and culture by treating previously under-explored yet highly significant early modern phenomena such as national identity and diplomacy.


Guest: Mario Coyula-Cowley, University Professor
            CUJAE, Havana, Cuba

Tulane Faculty Host: Guadalupe Garcia

Seminar Date: Fall 2013

Dr. Coyula-Cowley is Professor at CUJAE in Havana. He has lectured extensively on urban environments and city spaces (and on Havana specifically) in the United States, Canada, England, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil. He is also the recipient of numerous national and international awards and distinguished appointments, including a fellowship appointment at L'Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture in Paris and at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University.


Guest: Jim Rossi, Professor of Law
            Vanderbilt University Law School

Tulane Faculty Host: Amy Stein, Assistant Professor of Law

Seminar Date: March 8-13, 2013

Professor Rossi received his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, his JD from the University of Iowa College of Law, and his LLM from Yale Law School. His scholarship addresses energy law, federal administrative law, and state constitutional and administrative law. His books include Energy, Economics and the Environment; Regulatory Bargaining and Public Law; and a recent edited collection of essays, Dual Enforcement of Constitutional Norms: The New Frontier of State Constitutionalism. Rossi serves as a consultant to the Administrative Conference of the United State's Committee on Collaborative Governance project on Improving Coordination of Related Agency Responsibilities.

Guest: Carol M. Rose, Gordon Bradford Tweedy Professor Emeritus of Law and 
            Organization and Professorial Lecturer in Law
            Yale Law School

Tulane Faculty Host: Sally Richardson, Assistant Professor of Law

Seminar Date: Fall 2013

Professor Rose is one of the leading American property scholars. Her publications include Perspectives on Property Law (3rd Edition), with Robert Ellickson and Bruce Ackerman (2000); and Property and Persuasion: Essays on the History, Theory and Rhetoric of Ownership (1994). She is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Professor Rose received her B.A. from Antioch, her M.A. from the University of Chicago, her Ph.D. in History from Cornell, and her J.D. from the University of Chicago.


  • Tulane Seminar Host: Emily Rosenzweig, Assistant Professor, Marketing
  • Visiting Scholar: Neal Roese, John L. and Helen Kellogg Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Political Science

Guest: Eric Plutzer, Professor of Political Science and Sociology
            Penn State University

Tulane Faculty Host: Celeste, Lay, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Seminar Date: January 14, 2013

Professor Plutzer is the Academic Director of the Penn State University Survey Research Center.  Plutzer specializes in public opinion, voting, and participation; gender and politics; education policy. His recent work is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, Spencer Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation. Plutzer's research has been published in journals such as the American Political Science Review, Perspectives on Politics, American Journal of Political Science, Public Opinion Quarterly and American Politics Research. 

Guest: J. Lawrence Broz, Associate Professor of Political Science
            University of California, San Diego

Tulane Faculty Host: Patrick Egan, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Seminar Date: April 1, 2013

Professor Broz is recognized as a leading scholar in political economy of international finance. His current research focus is on the institutions of monetary and financial policymaking-central banks, exchange rate regimes, ect.-of which there is remarkable variation across countries over time. Analytically, he draws from open-economy macroeconomics and positive political economy. Broz's publications include International origins of the Federal Reserve System (1997) and a number of articles in International Organization and other top journals.

Guest: David Shambaugh, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
            Director, China Policy Program
            The George Washington University

Tulane Faculty Host: Martin Dimitrov, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Seminar Date: May 2013

Professor Shambaugh is an internationally recognized authority and author on contemporary China and the international relations of Asia, with a strong interest in the European Union and transatlantic issues. Before joining the faculty at George Wahington University, he held positions of Reader in Chinese Politics at the University of London's School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) and Editor of The China Quarterly. He also previously served as an analyst on the staff of the National Security Council East Asia Bureau and the Department of State's Bureau of Intelligence & Research (1976-1978). He has also been a nonresident Senior Fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies Program and Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies at The Brookings Institution since 1998.


Guest: David A. Snow, Distinguished Professor of Sociology
            University of California, Irvine

Tulane Faculty Hosts:Patrick Rafail, Assistant Professor of Sociology; David G. Ortiz, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Yuki Kato, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Seminar Date: February 21-24, 2013

Professor Snow is one of the preeminent scholars in the fields of collective behavior and social movements, urban sociology, and socioeconomic inequality and marginality with an emphasis on homelessness and poverty. He is the author of more than a hundred peer-reviewed journal articles and many scholarly books. Snow has been the President of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction and the Pacific Sociological Association, and Vice-President Elect of the American Sociological Association. He also was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and the 2008 recipient of the Society for the Study of Social Problems' Lee Founders Award for career contributions to the study of social problems.

Theatre and Dance

Guest: Gideon Lester, Chair and Artistic Director for Theatre and Dance
            Bard College

Tulane Faculty Host: Dmitry Troyanovsky, Associate Professor of Theatre & Dance

Seminar Date: January 17-19, 2013

Gideon Lester is a highly noted performing arts curator, dramaturg, and theatre critic with a major presence in the national and international theatre scene. Recently appointed Chair and Artistic Director for Theatre and Dance at Bard College, Professor Lester is responsible for programming and curating all theatre and dance presentations in the acclaimed Richard B. Fisher Arts Center. Aside from his work at Bard College, Lester serves as a co-curator for Crossing the Line Festival, a month long international arts festival held each September in New York City.




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