Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies serves as an umbrella office to ensure consistency in graduate education policies and effectiveness.  Typically graduate students in each school will report to their department or Dean's Office, especially in regards to signing up for classes, applying for graduation, or handing in their theses. 

I'm an incoming student or postdoctoral fellow, and where can I find...

  • Information on Housing? This page offers information about the options available for graduate housing at Tulane. Most
  • The best places to live? Or a roommate? We often recommend the Facebook group OCRA (Off-Campus Residents Association) as a place for incoming students to interact with other students, ask about landlords, or particular housing needs.
  • Information about safety in New Orleans?

Can your office provide me with funding for...

  • help with my dissertation research? Unfortunately OGPS does not have the means to help students with funding for their dissertations or theses.  Your home department or school may have funds for this purpose.
  • funds to attend a conference?  Yes, but only if you are presenting (you can find more here). 
  • Performing my research? Unfortunately our office is unable to provide support for summer or supplemental programs at this time.

Is my graduate fellowship, teaching assistantship, or research assistantship taxable?
The answer to this will vary greatly based on the position you are in, as well as the department you are in.  Our office provides a limited number of BOR-SREB fellowships each year, and those are not taxed; however, you will be responsible for reporting the income on your taxes.  If you are receiving a departmental fellowship or position, you should contact your department graduate advisor about whether it will be taxed.

Where do I submit my application for graduation and thesis?
All materials for graduation (your application, copies of your thesis) go to the Dean's Office of your school. The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, nor the Provost's Office, accepts these materials.



International Student FAQ

What kind of visa do I need?
For information about visas and renewals, please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Will I need a Social Security Number for my fellowship?
This will vary depending on  your fellowship and whether or not it will be taxed. 

Who should I contact about ESL courses, testing, or seminars?
You can reach out to Robert Connor, Director of ESL for more information about ESL programs and opportunities at Tulane.

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