Careers in Academia I & II Workshops:

October 21st, 2013: 6-8 PM - Careers in Academia I:  Initiating the Job Search

This workshop is designed for graduate students in their dissertation period and postdoctoral fellows who are actively pursuing academic careers.  Rachel Burk, Graduate Career Advisor, and Brian Mitchell, Associate Provost, will provide feedback about the academic career search – where to seek out jobs within your field, putting together a CV that highlights your accomplishments, and more.  Please bring a copy of your CV with you and be prepared to go over it with one of the workshop leaders. 

Powerpoint - Careers in Academia I: Initiating the Job Search

Resources: Science & Engineering's Professional Skills & Development.

December 9th, 2013:  6-8 PM  - Careers in Academia II: The Interview Process
This workshop is a continuation of Careers in Academia I, focusing on the next step of the academic job search: the interview process.  One of the more daunting aspects of job hunting in academia is the interview process.  In this session, you’ll learn what to expect and prepare within the interview process: phone interview skills, what to anticipate at an onsite interview, preparing for the job talk and sample class, and tips for negotiating a job offer.

Powerpoint - Careers in Academia II: The Interview Process

Resources: Interview Rubric.

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