workers' compensation claims procedure check list

Injured Employee Responsibilities:


  • Notify supervisor of any injury or illness resulting from accident/incident
  • Complete a First Report of Occupational Injury/Illness Form
  • Copy of the Form can be obtained at the following web link: 

    First Report of Injury or Illness
  • Supervisor must review and sign the Form
  • Notify Workers’ Compensation Manager @ (504) 247-1716
  • Seek medical treatment if necessary at nearest clinic or hospital.  Bring original Form with you and give to healthcare provider.
  • Keep a copy of all documentation for your personal records


Supervisor/Office Manager/Director Responsibilities:


  • Verify that all information on the front and back of the completed First Report of Occupational Injury/Illness Form is correct
  • Sign the Form
  • Fax both sides of the Form to the W/C Manager @ (504) 247-1716
  • Keep a copy of the completed Form
  • Conduct inner-departmental investigation and obtain specific details of accident/incident
  • Consult with OEHS on investigation, findings, and corrective action
  • Correct any health and safety issues noted from the investigation

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